When I'm getting old

I was diagnosed in 1945, and I used Benedict’s solution to test my urine. About one inch of the blue liquid in a test tube with several drops of added urine, and placed in a container of water. The water was boiled on a stove, the test tube was removed, and the color of the solution indicated the approximate of sugar present.
I never knew about CliniTest, so I continued using the Benedict’s solution for many years, until Tes Tape was available,

Wow, you and I are in a very similar situation. I am looking forward to the replies. Thanks for the post.

Testape was a blessing! We threw away our home chemistry set, including the Easy Bake Oven bowl - no way I was going to use it for its original purpose again🤪!


Wow, old memories, but nice to be able to use new tech.

I remember the tablets and boiling syringes. I hated all that. I knew that sugar free urine only meant my blood sugar had stayed under 180. I also knew that normal people had blood sugars in the 85-110 range. So I thought urine tests were useless. And my endo wanted me to spill a little sugar just so I didn’t have serious low blood sugars.

Everyone’s threshold for sugar spilling into the urine is different. So it was a really crude test.

I only had to do a 24 hour urine when pregnant. But I worried that the container would not be large enough. Then what would I do?

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