When my friends found out!

I still remember when my friend, who is my best friend now, found out I have diabetes.

I was about 17 and hanging out in my bedroom with my two good buds watching a movie.  I was starting to feel a low so I excused myself and went to the kitchen and prepared something little to eat.  All of a sudden I heard a yell from the back room.  I opened the door to see Brandon laughing while Donny looked quite disturbed.  Donny had no idea that I had diabetes.  Donny had grabbed my insulin pen, which looked like a fancy silver business pen, and was checking it out.  He had never seen such a high tech pen and was trying to figure out how to use it when he shot a dose of insulin into the air.  Donny freaked!  You see, Donny is a  big super tough manly man and he's deathly afraid of needles.  Brandon and I laughed hard and eventually Donny did too.  Brandon said the look on Donny's face was priceless as he shot that does of insulin into the air and realized this was no ink pen! 

LOL! Okay now that is funny!!!   I can just imagine what must have been going through your friend's head! What a way for your friend to find out you were diabetic!

Yeah it was funny.  He didn't believe me at first so he watched me give an injection.  lol   Boy did he jump!

haha! thats funny! my friend ashley is afraid of needles as well. i shouldnt find it funny, but when i give myself insulin or check my blood she cringes.

Yeah, what is it with diabetics best friends being afraid of needles? Mine is too, like she faints when she has to get shots. So you can imagine my 9th birthday when there were 4 diabetic girls over, all on pens/shots. She had to leave the room so many times...aww, I love her, but yeah, she hates needles.