When people feel sorry for you

I meant this group of people today who later found out i was T1D and they kept on telling me how sorry they had felt for me cause i have to check blood and use needles and stuff. It just drives me crazy when people say they feel sorry for you. What do you guys say to these people???

I also hate it. It makes me mad and I just want to tell them

to please calm down that I'm ok. So yeah I hae it when people say that

to me thats the number 1 thing I hate and it pisses me of:)

Hi Jeff

Thanks for the support- you can help  - why don't you send a donation (in my name)  to the JDRF or ADA. I bet that will quiet them pretty quickly. I bet you get some awkward - yea, I will and then everyone will shut up. Give it a try. 

Yeah this drives me crazy too. 

I always end up saying  "...but I'm not looking for sympathy...I have a really positive attitude about it.  It's life...you deal." after I tell people my story with diabetes for the first time. 

I don't have a one-size-fits-all solution, but I try to cut them off before they start with a shower of positivity.  That way if they want to say anything then THEY are the buzzkill, not me.

A lot of people milk diseases for sympathy...I see it every day working in the hospital...and conversely I feel like we have to make up for them everyday by trying twice as hard to show people that it's not a "woe is me" type death certificate.

This goes back to the school of thought of educating them. I mean we can tell them, that things are okay and we are fine. However, most people who feel sympathy only think about their own issues. In my own opinion I am sure that some of them are channleing their own fears of the disease, needles, etc. onto you. I love the suggestion about trying to get them to donate to the JDRF in your name. But also, you can try to spend some time in trying to educate them more fully about what it means to be a person with type one diabetes. Let them know it is a livable condition and there is no need to feel sorry for you.

same thing just happened to me, I sent out this video from tudiabetes.com the one on diabetes and the 5 sences i figured i wanted to do soemthing for diabetes day on saturday and ive gotten emails like im so sorry u have to deal with that blah blah

Im like hello im not complaining, i could have cancer or something worse, please dont feel bad for me i dont!

Yea i tried explaining it to them but of course hey still think what they wanna think..And i never thought about telling them to donate.Thanks Brian

Instead of asking them to donate to JDRF or ADA you can tell them to just give you the money right now and you will see that it gets there and ask how much they want to donate. lol. I bet you never hear another word.