When people find out.,

im a newer kid in my school but its so small everyone knows me already but what really makes me annoyed is when people find out that im diabetic and they say sorry..i mean i know they feel bad about it but i dont like the pity..does anyone else hate when people have pity people who have diabetes? it kinda makes me feel like i have a dieses where im going to die like in a week.

ya, the same thing happens to me sometimes and i dont really know what to say besides "its okay"

Yeah, which is so awkward!!! I mean, I know they say I'm sorry to be nice and sympathetic and all, but 1. they really don't know what it's like 2. they're thanking God right now that you have it and not them, and 3. it's not like they did anything wrong, so they shouldn't apologize! We need to think of something else to say to people other than "I'm sorry" when we want to be empathetic.

This is exactly why I haven't been open with other people about my diabetes. I was diagnosed just after turning 13, prime time for social conflicts and all the drama around that. The friends I had when I was diagnosed were the only people I told at the time, and I was terrified of it getting out besides those 5 people. However, within a couple months those "friends" were the last people I wanted to hang out with, go to for support, or talk to. Over the past 4 years, some of my newer friends have found out, others haven't. It's caused me a lot of stress, and overall has made me more self-conscious and more shy. When people do find out, whether they find out on their own, or I tell them myself, pity is sometimes part of it. And I've found the best way to react is to say "yes, it does suck." or "Thanks, I live with it. There's not much else I can do."

definetely get what you are saying! my friends try to control me, and not let me eat what i want. i feel very weird about it! did anything like that happen do you guys?

ugh. I hate this too. Like when your friends give you sympathy, and all you want IS for them to get mad at you, just so you don't feel like you're on your deathbed. All you really can do is say "It's not that big of a deal", but they don't listen to you. On the other hand, you can turn this to your advantage.... for instance, if your friends think its a huge deal, they're probably more likely to be supportive, take you up to the office at lunch instead of you having to go up alon, etc.

I hear people say that a lot. It does annoy me, but what would you say if you were in their place? I find myself telling people with other diseases the exact same thing! I read somewhere that one girl said: "Well, it looks like you're healthy and taking care of yourself. Good job!" Or something like that. It gave me the impression that she was sympathetic, but her not acting like you're going to drop dead was really cool.

Like I'm going to camp with my friend soon and she's on my case about everything...like im not 5 years old i know what I have to do to take care of myself its just like I live with diabetes not them they don't know what to do

What I also can't stand is when I tell people I have diabetes, then 2 weeks later they see me testing or something, and they're like, "What are you doing?" and I have to tell them all over again.

I know ! I hate when I have to go ttake my shot and my friends are always like i hate shots how do you take them? Like I have too...it annoys me so badly.

i totally agree that drives me crazy i hate wen ppl do that i mean i no they mean good but it still  bugs me

Yeah, I have one friend who just can't seem to wrap her mind around the fact that I have to give myself shots all the time (Don't you die?) and another who is constantly telling me, "I couldn't live w/o my snacks!"

Ya it kind of stinks, but I try to use it as a teaching experience. It's better to educate friends so they know what to do in case of an emergency and to tell them that you can have sugar and lead a normal life! This way, they won't pity you or think of you differently!

everybody does that to me too! if i wanted their pity i would go to them crying, clearly when i tell someone i am not crying. i give up on telling peopel about my D anymore. they can figure it out themselves if its of any concern to them.

yea i know my mom's best friend could not even look at me...literally, she had to tell me to go away because she was sobbing, i didn't hate her pity, what i did hate was... when i first came back to school one of my best friends wouldn't come near me, when i asked why she said "she didn't want to get it too" i went home and cried lol

ikr I hate it too especially when I have to hear the ENTIRE dang speech again just because I tried to be sneaky and eat something when it isnt my eating time is it MY FAULT that I'm hungry? -_-

I always hear "Did you cry when you found out?" and I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to say to that. Well, duh, it kinda just changed my whole life...

Yeah..I've been given an invitation to a party or a sleepover and then they tell me I can't go because of my diabetes.

it really annoys me when my "friends" try to control what I eat, or get mad at me for eating something that they think I shouldn't be eating... I have only three close friends that don't try to do that....

i am often introduced as the diabetic kid which does not bother me its not a big deal my friends don't care about it they pick on me from time to time but its all fun and games and if someone does say something negative i just tell them that i'm still healthier than they are even with all of my problems and then they usually  shut up