When Playing Sports, Do You Notice if You Play Worse When Your Sugars Run High?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering how high sugars impact your performance in the field of athletics? Bears' quarterback Jay Cutler, who recently released his fifth web video on living with diabetes (see: Bears’ Jay Cutler Releases ‘Support System’ Webisode)  has come under the microscope this season by critics suggesting his diabetes may be partially to blame for his poor performance. How does high blood sugars impact you. I know they make me more lethargic and less focused. 


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when i was playing basketball when i was high i was definatly worse at the sport. that also happened whith track. i was a lot slower

I know that when I run I have to be high enough initially so that I don't drop really low so I aim for about 200 when I start running and below 100 at any time is bad.  I guess in that sense slightly higher blood sugars help me perform better, but I think if I was really high, like above 250 or 300, my running would be worse. 

I found that when I play soccer my sugars spike up over 300 usually.  I don't find that I play any worse (or better), but that I get angrier much easier.

I still can't figure out why my sugars go up when playing soccer, but drop if I go running

I am the same way. I play tennis, and whenever I got to the gym to work out my blood sugar drops, but if I am actually playing in a match my blood sugar goes up. I think it has something t do with adrenalin. Intense workouts can cause your blood sugar to go up.

Also, a lot of times when I do have my blood sugar spike, or if nothing happens right away, I will have low blood sugars about 4 hours following the exercise. Does that happen to anyone else?

i play ice hockey and when i'm playing with high sugars my legs generally feel heavier.. i also skate slower and my dad (he's one of my coaches) notices that i don't have the "quickness" that i usually have.. i also can't keep my mind on the game and end up in the end going even higher than i was before because the adrenaline makes me go high after EVERY time i play hockey

i think everyday when it was football season i was bad and i had a horrible season so yea it does have a pretty big impact. Jay cutlers my teams QB and i have a lot of respect for him even when he doesnt play the best just cause he plays when his blood sugars are bad.