When sugar goes low to high

Don’t you hate it when your sugar is kinda high then it drops to low then you get so hungry, sweaty, & tired, but when your hungry you want to eat everythn yu kan then it goes sky high then you feel miserable afterwords :-/

This sort of thing happened to me today, actually.  My blood sugar was really low at the beginning of my softball game.  Then halfway through the game it skyrockets.

I know exactly what you mean; it's the worst feeling.

Omgg yes its the worst feelon ever :-/ when it goes from low to high it makes me feel sooo exhausted & tired & I feel like I just wanna lay dwn & sleep forevr lol, but half the time always have chorrs to do, so try to get them done quick so I can lay dwn (: Im type1 & have been for 2months almost 3 thoe

Haha, same here. When it's low I'm just exhausted and I want to eat everything! I never want to stop what I'm doing to treat a low either, but I do anyway.  It just takes some getting used to, treating lows/correcting for highs

Omgggg sameee here… I just want to eat & eat, but I drink a 1/2 can of pop then eat eggs, or sugarfree jello, or try to find things wif low carbs to eat.