When they get sick

So, how does Type 1 change how I medically treat my son with common things like a cold, headache, flu, sore throat, etc.  Tonight I thought my son may have been running a fever then of course my second thought was, What do I do differently?


Sick days are tricky. 

Each child is a little different but the basics are the same.  They usually need more insulin.  When the body is under any sort of stress the bs rises.  When he is sick you can expect a lot of highs.  Just keep checking and keep providing more insulin.  Your endo may give you a sick day plan which increases his long acting or basal insulin on sick days - Lucas just started to be able to have increase in basal rates when sick as my dr. was more conservative when he was littler, now he is 7 yrs. and we can be a little more aggressive when he is sick - just saying this as your dr. may say just check more and correct at least for the first couple of years.  The other thing is ketones.  At first, you will always check these anytime he is a little high or sick.  Eventually you will find you know when to expect them.  Lucas spills small ketones when he is high for an extended period due to illness or immediately spills large ketones after vomiting, even if his bs is on target or low.  For Lucas the only illness we dread is the stomach bug - we typically end up at the ER to be on an IV for the day - some times he has to stay.

So yes, it is more stressful to have a sick d-child but you will learn which sicknesses give him a harder time and which just require a little more TLC.


Your endo should give you some specific instructions about sick days.  Fever, sniffles, etc. tend to push William (8) higher so he'll need more adjustments.  We test more frequently (usually every 2 hours), and try to keep carb-free fluids flowing.  Any BS over 300 we test ketones, and call the endo for anything medium or larger.  Vomiting is the biggest concern; we have specific instructions that if William throws up twice, we have to call the endo immediately, and be prepared to take him to the ER.

Bottom line for sick days....test frequently, keep excellent records, and don't be shy about calling your endo for instructions.



We got a big sick day procedure packet from our Diabetic Clinic too...maybe yours could give you the guidelines they want in place.


While were on the subject what did you find is good or bad to help the kids when they are sick?

I found out 12 hr sudafed is very high #s for exactly the 12 hours (won't do that again)

Claritin helps the colds/allergies with no affect on BS

Also Ibuprofen seems okay.