When to tell family?

Hey all!

I'm 11 weeks today, and we got to hear the heartbeat yesterday! (it was 170) Things seem to be going much better this time around, but of course I'm still terrified. One internal battle I've been fighting is: When should we tell our families? We are a little gun-shy due to what happened at Christmas of last year, so we haven't shared the news with anyone yet. Any advice out there? For the moms and the soon-to-be moms out there, when did you tell?

This has been an issue I’ve thought about ALOT since I had my miscarriage. Currently Im not trying to get preggo, but have thought about it and fought with my bf about it too. He would wanna tell everyone ASAP, and I had an issue with that because if it was an "accident" and i wasn’t prepared, id be extremely worried!! I don’t know how far along you were with your last miscarriage, but i was 20 weeks.... so anytime before 4 months seems like a crucial time point for me.

Under what I can see from your circumstances, if I were you, I’d wait another week or two before saying anything. My sister is 13 weeks right now, but she blabbed it to everyone at 8 weeks.... I guess it all just depends on the person, what they have been through, and how confident they are that the pregnancy will be a success.