When will Medtronic upgrade the Paradigm to a version with no tubing?

I keep hearing that Medtronic has more R&D than others....so what's the best guess on an upgrade to the Paradigm to a version with no tubing? 

I haven't heard that one yet, but I have heard from my rep that they are combining the CGMS and pump. I think it's now just in the process of FDA approval...

Hey --- Anyone on here from Medtronic?  


I'd sure like their thoughts!!!!!

Many boards discourage "attacking" other board members.  I'd like to know how this board feels about your post.  If "attacking" is allowed, I will cancel my membership today. I don't need to be lectured & humiliated in public anymore than you need a high blood sugar...I'm so deflated to log on and read this type of post from anyone here... 

I'm so sorry if something I said offended anyone on this board --- it certainly wasn't meant to as I know all of you have lots to worry about with Type 1, the economy, etc.