When will the Nanopump by Debiotech be available?

Does anyone know any more information about this mini-insulin pump and when they expect to market it?  I keep reading articles about how it's been approved and will soon be on the market, but they are articles from a few years ago.  I can't find any updated information about it.  I'm really interested to find out more because it seems like the ideal insulin pump and I would love to try it out.  Actually, this is the most recent article I've found, but it doesn't mention when the projected market date will be:  http://www.dlife.com/diabetes-news/2007/04/disposable_insulin_nanopump_fr.html

this is a post from this website http://www.battlediabetes.com/diabetes-nanopump/




June 9, 2009 at 3:48 am

I just received an e-mail back from Debiotech after inquiring about the release of the Nanopump. This was their reply as of June 9, 2009.

Thank you for your interest in our Insulin Nanopump. We appreciate dearly your enthusiasm. That is what we strive to achieve with our work, to make the life of diabetic patients more safe and more convenient by developing a better Insulin pump.

Please understand that Debiotech is developing the Insulin Nanopump, we are neither manufacturing it nor are we commercializing it.

We will partner with a company, our future licensee, that will organize the manufacturing and distribute the product commercially. Currently, the Insulin Nanopump is still available for license.

Most marketing aspects, like pricing and availability on the different national markets will be handled by the licensee. Thus, today we may not communicate when and where the pump will be available.

Be assured that availability will be communicated publicly after a license partnership is in place. Please check our website or the relevant press regularly for announcements of this partnership.

Best Regards,

The team of Search and Development for DEBIOTECH


i hope its soon though! i would love it!


Ah...Thanks, Kaelyn!  I hope it's soon too!  I've been so anxious about it ever since I first found out about it. 

let me know if u hear anything more i havent :-/