When Will We Cure Type 1 Diabetes? Free new report at www.diaTribe.us/cure

Hey All,

My name is Adam and I work for diaTribe (www.diatribe.us), an online newsletter for people with diabetes. I just wanted to let all of you know that we've just released a new report, Targeting a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes: How Long Will We Have to Wait?  It's available as a free download at www.diatribe.us/cure

The report is an overview of where we are and where we’re headed in the search for a cure for type 1 diabetes. Targeting a Cure is written to be both accessible and thorough. It covers the latest research, including immune therapies, transplantation, and the artificial pancreas, yet it’s written for patients and organized to cater to all levels of interest. Readers will be able to glean from it exactly which efforts toward a cure apply to them (cures can be different for different stages of diabetes). They will also be able to get as little or as much detail about the subject as they want.

With an introduction by Dr. Aaron Kowalski, a senior scientist and Vice President at JDRF, and a conclusion by Kelly Close, editor in chief of diaTribe, we believe this book is essential reading for anyone who is touched by this disease.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Thanks!