When you were dx'ed

I was reading the stories in Keith's thread and unless I missed it I didnt see anyone with breathing problems. Riley couldnt breath and that was why we took her to the urgent care to begin with. She kept freaking out about it. When we got there tho the doc said she was clear but gave her a breathing treatment anyhow. The next day when she was flown to the hospital they said breathing like that was a classic symptom of being in DKA. The body is trying to breath out the keytones I guess since peeing them out isnt working for it.

So yeah anybody else get like this?

She was pushing her breath out in puffs but with force kinda but breathing back in was hard for her to do. Or seemed to be anyhow from what I remember.

Brandan did. He was taking thick, raspy breaths, sorta like when my bronchitis flairs up. While we were in the waiting room of the pediatrician's office he started gasping for air and I ran up to the window to get him to the exam room. The doc looked at his private parts and they were blue. He called this "grunt..... something." He had an oxygen mask on all the way to the Children's Hospital.

I didn't have any breathing problems, strange everything else. LOL The Dr's in ICU kept telling me that other than DKA I was the healthiest person in there, heck my oxygen was good enough I didn't need it. Kids not breathing, would scare the poop out of me. You d-parents still impress me!!!!!!!  

I am not sure if I had breathing trouble when I was dx'ed, I was 6, but I do know my mom could always tell when I was high b/c she could smell the ketones on my breath. It's kind of "fruity" smelling.

I am still pretty upset at that urgent care doc. He should have known.

Keith it was kinda scary but she tends to over react to any breathing issues like if you touch the back of her neck you are choking her and she cant breath lol. So I wasnt at first sure if she was being a turkey or not but it didnt take to long to see she wasnt. My hubby has a breathing treatment machine and I did it here first to see if it would help she said it kinda did but then I could see it didnt so we took her in.  It was worse wit my son having a grand mal seizure he turned blue and I called 911. That was really scary. I called to soon cause he started to breath on his own before they got here but as the 911 operator told me when your kid turns blue there is no such thing its what they are there for.