When your friend

with a food allergy says "at least you can eat whatever you want" 



I have food allergies (casein, whey, tree nuts, mustard, red meat, eggplant, shellfish etc) as well as type 1 diabetes. Sometimes I wonder, which one would I rather get rid of, that is, if I could only get rid of one? And sometimes I think, well, that's obvious the diabetes! And others I think, no, the allergies! Easy! The truth is, I've ended up in the ER for both. Anyway, to get to the heart of what it is you're expressing, people shouldn't really be comparing diseases/conditions/disorders that are soo so very different, ESPECIALLY when they're talking about diseases/conditions/disorders they know NOTHING about! Rant over. Out.

Lol so true by bestest friend in the whole world is allergic to all nuts alike, and we can't decide who has the harder side of life!

Well at least when they can eat everything else without thinking about it :wink:

And they only has to inject when they eat what they are allergic too, as apposed to every time.

Im seriously kidding, but if someone said that to me it would seriously make me mad!!