When You're Low

Just a general, survey-ish/discussion question: Anyone find packages (skittles, glucagon gel/frosting, etc.) to be hard to open when you're low?


Weirdly, I've not had the kinds of problems I used to have since I went to the analogs... That said - I used to get these weird convulsion like things that would just hit my arms... Nothing like taking the bottle of juice out of the refridgerator, opening it and throwing it across the room - it felt like some sort of twisted prank off a twilight-zone TV show...  Okay - yeah, thanks G-d... ya' got me!

Great question!



hahah this is so random.
i find everything hard to do when im low.
from standing up to myspacing. its difficult.

hehe I actually do find it hard to open packets etc when I'm low. I find it hard to use or handle any small things, I just find my coordination all over the place. My main problem when I'm low is actually trying to open a can of coke, I just find it hard hehe :)

I don't have too much trouble with packages but... More than once I've had a problem deciding what to have. Like, I'll think should I have glucose tabs, or maybe I should have some juice, or should I have soda... Until I have to remind myself it doesn't matter and I'm going to feel horrible if I don't just have something soon! ;-)


LOL - funny you should say that - it is one of my first indications I’m not right is often refrigerating my kitchen by standing in front of my refrigerator, deep in thought…  My other favorite is looking at things like regular soda and thinking “Darn! I wish I had some diet pop, Pepsi sounds good right now…” LOL ummm- hello SUGAR - *doh*



If I had one more brain cell, it’d be VERY lonely ;)


I had trouble opening a lifesavers once when I was low. It was after a parade and I had to march for band. I had no idea how low I was, but I felt like crap!

I know there's been a few containers of juice that missed my glass and found the floor....... Then I stare at it intently, like it might just clean itself up...... My husband actually found me starring at it.........   He realized something wasnt right and poured me some more juice..... After I felt better, he starting chanting "another one bites the dust"   


a few weeks ago i was in my parents kitchen and i seriously couldn't move i was standing there being fascinated with an orange juice lid. my mom kept asking me the same question five times. i then realized i needed to eat something.


I love the package issues. I can't even begin to think about how many times you struggle with the simplest task. I tend to use Pop Tarts when I am low. Even something as simple as that can be a challenge. However, the twitchies as I like to call them are sometimes entertaining. The worst is when you think you have the twitch under control enough to get a drink and no sooner do you have the cup (in both hands), near your mouth you end up tossing the thing on the floor.

The worst though is that when that happens I eaither get pissed at myself or just start to laugh and can't stop. Low stinks big time. But it can provide entertainment for others who just sit and stare as we try to accomplish the simple task of drinking.

I have that problem a lot, a big one for me is when I decide to have glucose tablets to bring up my sugar I have a tendency to just dump them all out on the table and eat like 3 at once.  Before the days of being able to eat whatever I want with continuous shots it was a rare treat for me to be able to eat a cookie, candy, etc. so when I was low I would sit there for like 10 minutes thinking to myself "Hmm, what's the best thing I can have right now, what do we have around the house that I can't ever eat under normal situations?"

I can't even begin to count how many glucose tablets get dumped on the floor, in the sink, on the table, in an attempt for one. And once you finally get at them, your mind so wants to get your sugar up fast that you grab a handful and start munching away. I mean, it's not like they are good and you really want to eat them...

the best is when im opening a bag of fun fruits in the middle of a class or somewhere with a lot of people around. the fun fruits go flying usually and any of the fun fruits that i can find i will eat. all that's going through my head is it's something to help my BG.

Well the good news is that since we all seem to have established our desire to accidentally throw stuff (drinks, glucose tabs, fun fruits) when we are low, this can allow for some fun.

If we ever have a desire to start a food fight either in High School, College, or elsewhere as long as people are aware of our established history of twitchiness when we are low, we can "accidentally" throw food at someone, watch the established confusion and pandemonium, and when we get questioned explain it was an accident, your sugar was low and you had no control over your actions. It was just you trying to get that piece of cake in your mouth and not into someone's hair but due to loss of motor control, the food missed your mouth... O:-)

[quote user="Brian"]when I was low I would sit there for like 10 minutes thinking to myself "Hmm, what's the best thing I can have right now, what do we have around the house that I can't ever eat under normal situations?"[/quote]


Brian - I know exactly what you mean!  For the first couple months after I was diagnosed, there were many-a-times that I hoped that I was a little bit low so I could eat some of those things that I "couldn't" anymore.  I would have a low and debate for a while about what food I wanted to enjoy this time! 

Lately, my correction food of choice has been Smarties.  Bought a big 3-pound bag at WalMart the other day.  When I get a bit shaky and have a tough time opening them, those little plastic wrappers can make a lot of noise when I'm sitting in a quiet classroom!

I don't find them hard to open so much as I forget that I have glucose tabs with me to treat my low.

Well forgetting tends to fall under the category of low. Just as staring at the fridge for 10 minutes debating on what to eat. Or just fiding food of any type and starting to eat it. On a side note, that once happened when I was low. I was all about getting food to help myself or at least to eat. While I was waiting for food, I apparently dropped past my point of remembering. I did get food, I believe it was a nice shepherd's pie or beef pot pie or something like that. It was probably tasty too. Thankfully, my one friend was watching and noticed my plate and the food on it. Since I am a vegetarian this probably would not have been my best selection of food to treat my low. (I think I may have mentioned this story else where, uh oh, here comes being forgetful, I should test... 84 I am good, maybe I am just tired or old)

I have sugar tablets with a lid that just pops off.. It's super easy! The hard part is finding the lid after.. Ha ha.. Orange juice boxes are the worst - I can never get the straw out of the wrapper!! My WORST pet peeve is when I go low and I don't have anything right on hand, so I ask my friends and they think I'm just being retarded. I only have one friend that has gone low before - he's not diabetic though, it was just during a soccer game - and he understands what its like.. I'm trying to inform my friends more about it though. It's so scary when I can't even stand anymore and they're all just standing around me and I can't even communicate what I need to them!

Well yes the lid pops off easily and tends to get misplaced as do half the tablets when I begin to dump them into my hands. (thak God it has been since July since my last "low" like that). Truthfully, my only complaint witht he glucose tabs is that they are chalky and don't always taste great and when low sometimes I argue with myself about eating them (that could be the stubborn part of my mind). Granted I only once had the tube stuff and that was truly wrong and nasty.


While low, i find that anything i touch is hard to open. it is like my hands turned into jello and I cant use them anymore. I dont know if any of you  use glucoshots but, why do they make the packaging so hard to open dont they realize we have diabetes and if you are low trying to rip open the wrapper takes too long? i should write them a letter. it should be flip top or something and once you flip it open it breaks the seal.