Where are some good places to hide your pump?

I have been on the pump for about 7 years now, and I was wondering if anyone had some creative places they hide their pump? I wear a lot of dresses and skirts because I work in the court system and I have run out of places to hide it. Any suggestions?

the leg strap minimed sells works well.

I put mine inside my tights or leggings =) it stays very well, I also modify my cloths for easy acess by sewing in two way pockets.

If my tights run I'll also just cut out the top part of the tube and ware that around my waist.

I got some spandex shorts took a square piece of fab and sewed it on them. They are tight so you dont see it. I made two. one for loose stuff where the pocket is on the outside and one for tight stuff where the pocket is on the insde of my thigh. Works wonderful. Also I stick it in my bra under my armpit and in the middle. Works wonders :)

You could use the leg strap thing or they make this bra thing with a pocket in it. Hope this helps.

My daughter wears a lot of dresses, so sometimes we use a baby sock.  We put the pump in the sock then safety pin it to the inside of her dress.


I really like the baby sock idea! I just need some creative ideas! I wear it on my pocket when I have one and my bra the rest of the time... I have even gone as far as wearing it in my undies!