Where are we?

While the internet is a great way of "getting together," I'm always curious who is in my area.  I'm not asking for specifics, just as much as your comfortable with- I'm in Connecticut, Fairfield county.

I guess I could just ask, anyone else near me?

I am in New York... Not too far!

West Chester, PA

Good ol Minnesota about 45 min north of the Twin Cities

Cleveland (yes, that was our river on fire *sob*), Ohio...

Lubbock, Texas, home of the Red Raiders.


A-D--I've got a lot of friends from those up there parts.  (They're also huge OSU fans.)

Ana -

I have a dear friend a good way east of you near Dallas.  I am reminded (somewhat regularly) that I should go visit down there some day, LOL

Your friends up here will not like me much, I'm afraid - but do pass along a message for me... Please tell them I said "GO BLUE!" :)



i am currently living in blacksburg, va...

South Florida here.  Near Fort Lauderdale.

Indiana, Pennsylvania  (about 45 min from Pittsburgh)

I am in Vancouver, BC, Canada

I'm in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

I live in lovely Hoboken, NJ - just across the Hudson from NYC. You're not too far - I know a few others in Fairfield. I occasionally host meet-ups, I will definitely let you know when I host another one (probably January or February since the holidays are upon us!).

Chisago County, Minnesota

Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Born and raised

I've been trying to escape leave since I was five. :/


Hey Rachel!  You know where I live.  Fairfield County has a good team of diabetics, don't we?  :)

I would love to know who's near me also.  I'm in Orlando, Florida.

I live near Dallas, TX, but I go to college near Philly.  Right now, I'm studying abroad in Germany, but only for a few more days :(

Alison, That's be great, thanks!  A few of us in Fairfield have been meeting for dinner everynow and then as well.  Would you want to know about that?  (I wonder if we know Fairfield people in common?).

Tolland County, Connecticut!