Where are we?

This is the first time I've heard of Tolland County!  Cant' be too far in this little state!

Tolland County : Rockville/Vernon, Ellington, Tolland, a few others!!

Near Manchester!!!! and Hartford county!!!

Langley, BC, Canada :D

Toledo, Ohio :(

A-D...GO BLUE!!!!  It's great to see another Michigan fan on here!  That's awesome!  Rough year, but it's gotta go up from here, right!  This weekend is gonna be a tough one....but we can pull it off! :)  GO BLUE!

20 miles east of St. Louis, MO.....Illinois side of the river!

It was a rough year and that last game did nothing to make it easier.  The season is what it is - THE GAME is a whole separate story...    50 hours and 52 minutes (or so) until they get started, right??? <G>

Im from Bergen County, NJ.  Only about 20 min outside of NYC :)

I'm from Paris, France.

A-ha! I'm the only one who doesn't live in the US, woo-hoo!! :)

Yea for you Ivan, I bet we'll get more, just have to spread the word!

Why :( about Toledo, Ohio Ashley?

I live on Long Beach Island, New Jersey

Oklahoma City, OK

Taking a pitstop in San Ignacio, Belize for an intern abroad program.

South Carolina...sigh...

I saw this documentary by Michael Moore which made me longing to move to France, or Britain, or Canada...heck, even Cuba!

Adding back the comment...how can I forget the Pittsburgh Steelers? I have family up in PA, so I get to rave about that...although many individuals who are rightly so Steelers fans simply have excellent wisdom and taste...how else to explain the Steelers' large and not-geographically-focused fan base but that? Hee hee hee. ; )

Augusta, Ga (am I the only one not proud of where I am?)

Nova Scotia,Canada not even close to 90% of you all! lol

Northeastern, Wisconsin

bradenton florida! close to tampa =)

I live in Los Angeles, CA. Many fires here too. Hoping for some rain.