Where are you from?

I'm am new to this. I am from Illinois.  I recently joined and would like to know where around the world people are located.  I was diagnosed in November of 1989 with T1.  

As of next month, I will have lived in Phoenix, AZ for 50 years. But I was dx in New Rochelle, NY, in 1942.

Originally from Oklahoma, but now live in Mississippi.

I live in New Orleans during the school year and Boston for the summers.

St Louis

Born and raised in Dallas, TX

Born and raised in Lotus, CA 

raised in des moines, iowa. lived in ames for college and now in waterloo for an internship.

Central Illinois and was diagnosed with type 1 a little over three years ago.

We live in Sacramento, California.

-Meg (Emmies mom) Emily-diagnosed 10/29/09 age 5, 4 at diagnosis

Canadian girl...diagnosed at age 13 almost 8 years ago!

Born & raised in Baltimore, MD...still live here as it's where I work now too. Dx'd in April 2005.

Born in PA, but raised in NY  =)

Born and raised in GA, but moved to FL after my son was diagnosed.

I'm in Ontario, Canada.  I was raised in east-end Toronto and diagnosed there way back in 1973.  I now live in Kitchener, just over an hour's drive from Toronto.

BTW, Scott, you might want to check out the group "Find a Friend".  It basically has all this info too, although organized by area.

Oh, and welcome to Juvenation!

Boston, MA




im from montvale nj very boring town :P

Waterloo Ontario (home of the Blackberry

I'm from Kenosha Wisconsin, but I'm currently going to school in Madison, WI.

Seattle, Washington - Where it currently is not raining :)