Where can you find a type 1?

In movies,tv,music....That would help make others understand ,if shown in a positive way. maybe ?? I can only think of Nick from the Jonus Brothers.

Halle Berry, The Chicago Bears Starting quarterback jay Cutler, Chicago Cubs 3rd baseman Rob Santo, and the movie star from the Dick Van Dyke Show that does all the commercials Mary Tyler Moore.

Nominated Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor

Singer for Poison Bret Michaels...real role model there haha

oh and me...in 10 years just wait

You know what Its so annoying when I see celebrities with type 1. They act like its not such a big deal. I mean check out Brett Michaels for instance he made such a ridiculous comment in a recent interview about not taking insulin before sex because it made him perform better? I mean that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard! And Halle Berry saying that she is cured of diabetes? like a year ago. They make it seem like diabetes is a joke and nothing to worry about. It definitely gives people the wrong idea saying these ludacris things. They sound like morons.

I hear you on that one Gina - there are some that do some really positive things.  I remember meeting Ron Santo (mentioned by Hailey) when I was 10.  He came to my little cowtown in the middle of California and even spent a 1/2 hour with me after the talk he gave.  There were only about 20 people there but from then on he was my hero - showed me that I could do whatever I wanted.  He's had some troubles health wise the past few years but he is still great in my eyes.  There is also Chris Dudley - former NBA player - never an allstar but what does that matter?  He has his own foundation now helping kids stay active and dealing wth diabetes.  Gary Hall Jr. is also one - Olympic swimmer - medalist - had his real cocky side but he's great in giving back to the cause!

Almost forgot one more - Nicole Johnson - former Miss America - and on the dlife now.  She's a great woman.  I met here when I was living in Tampa Florida and she is very active in the cause - much more than just a beauty queen.    http://www.dlife.com/dLife/do/ShowContent/dlife_media/tv/Nicole_Johnson_Baker_index.html

Ok well I have a good role model for you then I found out about this guy last yr and also found out that he is a T1 on a pump and plays in the CFL(Canadian Football League). His name is John Chick and he plays for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, wears the #97 and he is also an ambassador and a spokesperson for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Which is pretty cool. Sorry but this is my only example for you.


Granted celebrities make bonehead comments but I can't really fault them for not wanting to be defined by their condition.  I'm sure they have all had issues dealing with the disease, and some people just handle it differently I guess.

Halle Berry said she was cured of Type 1 diabetes? The last I saw about her she was saying she was 40 and just had her first baby and did have type 1 and was perfectly fine. Where did she say that?


 Here are 2 websites I came accross about Halle Berry's claim to have cured herself, she's an idiot. You'll read posts by many T1's that are upset about this topic if you search the internet.



It is very possible that Halle Berry was miss diagnosed by her doctor. If they never preformed tests for type one or for the presence or lack of insulin, or high counts of white blood cells (which many of us don't get.) It is VERY possible that she was miss diagnosed.... And now that I read your links it sounds like other people think so too.

People I like with type one are these awesome sports people! Team type 1 Is racing across America as I type! my new doctor's wife it apart of their team, she is the navigator and dietitian for the team!

I don't tend to trust movie stars or people on TV very much =) so i don't know of many people with type 1 up there.