Where do you buy pump supplies?

HI I have a minimed paradigm pump and have been ordering my pump supplies off minimed for years, recently my company changed insurances and minimed doesn't accept the new insurance, it's BC/BS of Vermont, so I'm shocked but they told me sorry we can't accept that. Anyone have any suggestions of anther great place to order suppplies?  I enjoy being able to place my orders online and not having to call to place the order.  Any suggestions are appreciated!  Thanks 

I used a company called Edge Park for a while, when my insurance coverage changed; their prices & co pays were higher than Minimed, but the same products. One thing I did like, they have options; combo sets in a box of 10 Silouettes. Out of 10 in the box, there were 5 that had the site catheter needle with the tubing and 5 that were catheter needles only. It worked great for a while, when I had about 30 pieces of tubing left over, after having to change the site more than the tubing.




I've been ordering supplies from a company called Liberty Medical for the past two years and have not had any issues with them.  Give them a call, they might help.... FYI.  not available online...Good Luck

I've been purchasing pump supplies from Liberty since 2007 and MDI equipment prior to that.  I've had good service and no complaints.

I am assuming you checked your insurance for the durable medical portion.  I know I had insurance a while back that would only cover my minimed supplies through the durable medical group.  Otherwise, I am sorry but I have no idea.  If you figure anything out I would love to know.  Good luck and maybe this will help. :)

I had been buying mine from mininmed directly -- then found the Surepoint Medical would process the pump supplies under my DME and WAIVE my 20% co-pay!!  (WHAT)  --

I called Mininmed and they said -- Uh, good thing you shopped?  

I don't know how they sell their products to 3rd party companies cheaper than (by at least 20% +++ profit) to me.  I feel like I have been taken advantage of by medtronic!!

Shop your products out to other 3 party DME resellers!!


Hello, I have a minimed paradigm pump for almost a year now, I tried using minimed for my supplies and found a 3rd party supplier called CCS Medical and they are great to work with! I get 3 months supplies at once and if something falls short of what they send (me using more cannulas than planned for) they overnight enough to hold me until the regular shipments. Very helpful in crisis and right on time for normal shipments, they always call and ask if I need anything additional before they ship. Good people to work with.

with my last insurance I was getting them mini directly as well. but they don't take my current so I switch to Liberty. They have been alright, a few mess ups here and there.

CCS medical called me today and said they won’t ship my supplies because I haven’t seen my doctor in 90 days? I saw my doctor 45 days ago? I called my doctor and they said that CCS medical never called them?