Where Do You Eat Your Meals?

We have always heard you eat more in front of the TV , well I was watching a health show the other day.They said it's true-we do eat more in front of the TV and while it may not be that much more each time--it adds up to a good bit in one year which = more weight.......We do like to eat in front of the TV sometimes :(   gonna have to change that ,ha :)

We generally eat dinner at the table with me, my wife & our 2 kids all there together for at least 15 minutes or so.  Probably 1-2 times per week we either eat “on the go” or in front of the TV, and during the summer we eat outside most evenings.

As for breakfast & lunch, I eat both at my desk at work – it means that I have more time to go to the gym since I can eat while working.

I completely agree that you eat more when you’re doing something else (TV, game, etc.) – since you’re not paying attention as well to what or how much you’re eating, it’s easy to get off-track.

Esp when I'm alone, I eat in front of the computer. Probably just as bad as the tv!

I totally overeat in front of the tv......I also eat wherever I am when I am bored or stressed.....

I eat in front of the tv. But to be fair, I put my food on my plate in the kitchen. I don't go back for second servings.  So I don't think it's too bad....