Where do you find the really cool "guy" pump cases?

I remember seeing a croc pump case, but I can not find one to purchase anywhere.  Can anyone confirm a croc pump case?  Please tell me other options for the animas ping.  Thanks.

I bought my son a croc case for his pump.  I got it at Dunham's (sporting goods store).  I have also seen them where they sell crocs.

I have never really notcied any "cool" guy cases out there for pumps. Granted I never really noticed any pump cases out on the market. Your best bet is to either search online or look at cellphone type cases as that might offer you the best variety. I know animas sends you some type of case and their site had a few things out there. I really like the clip though. I tend to either have my pump in my pockets or just on my belt onder a shirt.

Hi, I got my son this really cool pump case at Best Buy for 12.99 " SwissGear" is the name and it fits his minimed 522 pump perfectly.  It has a velcrow lock to keep pump in place, comes in black and red color. My son even wears it to sleep and clips it onto his PJ's, does not bother him at all.

sorry about the image, just right click it and view image on a new window. thanks

I know that this is a little late, but for those that may happen on this thread that are still looking for better insulin pump cases, I would like to suggest my company radrr.  We started in August of 2010 producing stylish | fun | cool cases for all the major pump companies.  As my son has diabetes and wears a pump, I wanted to make something that he would feel more comfortable and not ashamed of.  Our mission is We want people to say when they see their insulin pumps not "What is that!!??" but "Wow, that is cool, where do I get one!?" Some examples here of our cases.  Visit our site and take a look:  http://www.radrr.com