Where do you get pump supplies from?

Hey Pumpers,

Wondering if anyone gets pump supplies from anyone besides Animas??  Specifically, cartridges and the insets.   My last two orders have taken forever to get here (one of them 5 weeks and I was wearing my last infusion set the day it arrived), so I'm wondering what the other options are.

Jason in Orlando



Your usually limited by who your insurance lists as a supplier.  Call your insurance company and see what the options are.  

I get mine from Minimed now and it's okay for delivery, but their billing is a mess.  I loved using Edge Park Surgical for supplies in the past.

BCBS just mentioned Edge Park, I'm going to call them.   Thanks.


I get mine from a place in Florida

I use edge park, and they are amazing!!! :wink:

We get ours from Bright Sky. They are super fast and they even call to remind me of when it is time for a refill! They send priority and it gets here in like 2 days from the day the refill is due. They are in Michigan I think.. they're Customer Service Number is 1-866-576-5040. Very Nice People!


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I have only one choice with my insurance- Edgepark. The customer service is usually good. The billing for my pump and cgm order has been a disaster. I had to overpay by over 500 dollars because they require full payment when placing the order. They would not take my HRA balance into consideration at the time of the order. My HRA doesn’t pay out until the claim is filled with the insurance. It took multiple phone calls and over 2 months to get my refund back. They were supposed to ship my pump and cgm at the same time. For some reason, they did not ship the cgm until I called them a week later. Then, the insurance processed the cgm claim first and the pump claim second. This has caused them mass confusion. In the end, I overpaid on the pump order and underpaid on the cgm order. It all balances out in the end, but they continued to send multiple bills instead of balancing them out. That was a long phone call to correct. Supplies have usually arrived quickly with the exception of batteries that took over a month.