Where do you inject at a party?

I mean like, at the table, in the bathroom, etc.

I usually go to the bathroom cause I feel more comfortable doing it there...

And do you get a plate of food, leave to inject and come back? Or do you do it before people start getting there food?

Inject wherever you're comfortable.  

I'd sometimes go to the bathroom, but if I was with friends or cool people I'd just shoot up where I was.  Usually I waited until after I ate, so I could estimate how many carbs I'd eaten before taking the insulin.

I don’t hide my diabetes. I do my thing where and whenever I please.

In a restaurant, at the table, to check bg. In a home, in the bathroom, to check bg. To inject insulin, in the bathroom, regardless of location.

go to the bathroom. i know that sometimes people can get weirded out by needles. especially if they aren’t the pen needles. when you are at a party, peoples minds could go anywhere :slight_smile: this is just based on my experience, but if you feel comfortable enough then do you thing! who cares!