Where do you like to wear it?

I need advice on where to wear it.  I currently only like it on ly arms,  With summer coming I'm not sure how that will work.  Any tips or advice would be helpful Thanks!

Hi Angie,

I typically always wear mine on my lower abdomen, occassioally on the front of my upper thigh. Those are great places to "hide" the pod as long as I am careful about not pulling on it when I get dressed, etc.

Good luck!

I wear it on my upper and lower abdomen as well as my back.  I'd like to wear it on my arms but have already ripped off two.  Taping should help.  But there's also a lady who makes arm bands, bands4life.net.  I haven't tried it yet.

I always wear it on my stomach. i do like my arms but it hurts soo bad when i take it off. I tried my calf but after a while it starts to hurt because its all muscle. my stomach has been working for me thought!