Where do you send extra supplies?

Hi All, my son is upgrading pumps soon and I’d like some closet space back :slight_smile: where do you send extra supplies? I’d prefer to donate them to an area in need (Red Cross type action?). Any feedback appreciated!
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If you find out something let me know. My insurance company made me change meters and I have supplies I cant use

How much do you keep as backup? I keep my 2 old glucose meters, Lantus, and several boxes of humalog and syringes just in case.
There could be a natural disaster, insurance coverage problems, or shortages of medications. It’s really good to know you have some breathing room, and could go a few months off of what’s in your closet and refrigerator.


Good morning - is estimate 1 mo backup is our average on hand, but the extra supplies are from the past 2 pumps (animas and metronic) and g5 dexcom sensors - just the stuff we’ve upgraded from.

I send all my extra\no longer use supplies to:
They helped keep me in supplies while waiting on my 2yr wait for my Medicare to start.
However, I did send them the postage though but was not required.
But since then. I’ve donated many many meters, strips, lancets, pump supplies and even 2 pumps (before the pump companies gave trade in rebates)

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Hi, When my son changed manufacturers: I kept his old pump and several infusion sets and reservoirs as emergency back-up.

The remaining infusion sets and a couple of sensors:: I posted them as free items on Craigslist. In a matter of days, the excess supplies were picked up. I never invited anyone into the house, just wrapped up the goods and left them on the front porch.

If anyone has any extra g5 senors and pump supplies I would be more then great if I could be considered I can also pay for shipping. I had a house fire a few months back and I still trying to get back on my feet

I have 5 boxes of the G5 sensors. (That’s the part you stick on right? Not the grey thing). Message me if you want them!

I would love anyone’s leftover Verio One test strips! I use the Libre GCM but still need to fingerstick when exercising and on off days…


I have some g5 sensors too that I can mail out to you.

That would be great I would be greatful.

Jenifer I messaged you I’m not sure if you got my message.

I need Animas Inset infusion sets with 9mm cannula. I am happy to pay for them and, of course postage to send them to me. Let me know. Thank you!
Jan Mosso

Where you able to ever send the supplies I haven’t heard from you?

Hi I messaged back asking if Roy is your last name? Everything is in the box and ready for the post office :slight_smile:

So get on the mod squad and ask if anyone needs any supplies

@savions_mommy I’ve messaged you a few times

Hi - I sent them to the address you gave me. You can track them using the picture of the tracking info I gave you. I paid extra for required signature so if you weren’t home you’ll need to check the tracking to find where they left the package for you to pick up.