Where do you test when in school? For a sixth grader? Everyone, need your answer

My daughter's school wants her to test in the office. I told them that is not OK.  Why should she have to leave class, find an office worker, get into the little private room, check her sugar and return to class.   She is quite capable of checking in her classroom with no danger to any other student.   There is no reason her teachers, she has about 5 this year, cannot have an index card with the words "Under 90, feed her, over 200 give insulin" on it, and she can be required to show the meter to those teachers when she checks.  What good will it do if she walks to the office, WHERE THERE IS NO NURSE to check 4-5 times a day?  What do you or your kids do? 

Thanks, Diane

The school wants to help your child but they also need to make sure other kids are safe and teachers aren't responsible for providing healthcare needs.  Try to be cool and work with the school.

It's important for your daughter to tell her teachers she has diabetes and may need to eat in class or test occasionally.  Your daughter is old enough to check her blood sugar and treat lows or take insulin as needed.  When I was in middle school I'd test at my locker, between classes, and occasionally during class if I felt low or off.  

As hard as this is, it's really important for her to start learning how to balance diabetes with her other responsibilities.  She's going to have to do this later in life as a worker, a wife and especially as a mom.  

To help you work with the school, you may consider using a 504b plan if you live in the US.  They're great to help parents and schools work together.  www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/504

My daughter tests in class and there is no reason not to.  She goes to the nurse if she feels ill or needs other help. She is a little embarrassed to test in class so I found a way to totally silence her meter.

You will have to be strong and stand your ground. We had a clueless teacher last year that completely ignored our emails about these kinds of things. I went to the principal perhaps a little to late because by then I was angry.

This year we are doing a 504 plan so we don't have to argue and worry so much.

That is absolutely ludicrous.  I don't know what school district you're in, but most school districts do permit a student to test in his/her classroom if the school nurse can confirm that the student is capable of doing so.  Most T1 kids are able to do this by the age of 7 or 8, and some even sooner.  There is also the issue of what happens during an emergency.  Will she be able to get to her meter and supplies?  Schools now are often undergoing lockdown drills where no one is allowed in or out of classrooms.  Obviously, this would present a serious issue for your daughter if her supplies are in another part of the building.  As a T1 myself, I would never allow myself to be in a situation where my supplies weren't readily available.  It's just too risky.