Where do you wear your CGM?

I am venturing into the land of CGM (have a pending Dexcom G4 Platinum order).  I'm trying to determine where I should start as far as site location.  I typically insert my pump on the back of my hip/upper rear end.  I'm not a fan of inserting in my tummy as I feel like it's always getting in the way.  however, i've read that this is the optimal place for CGM placement.  

Just wondering where people have their CGMs, pros/cons of that location, etc.  I know it will be trial and error...

I wear my CGM (MM)  where you have your pump site. It seems to work best there for me.

That is an idea, wear the pump on one side and CGM on the other.  

I've also read about people wearing the CGM on their thighs and am wondering about that.  I kickbox so I want it to be in a spot that is least intrusive as possible!

I wear my MM CGMS on my thighs, slightly toward the inside. If I hold something on my lap (a child) they are not in the way. I switch from one leg to the other. I have done this for years now.

I wear my G4 on my chest, about 3 inches in from the top of my armpit.  I have found that it was getting bumped less here than on my stomach.  The only time anything touches it is the shoulder strap on the seatbelt, and it doesn't catch or pull.  I do taiko drumming, and haven't had any problems with discomfort or poor readings.

Others use the back of their arm, but that doesn't work for me due to my arm position when sleeping.  The stomach isn't the optimal place for the sensor, it is just the one that was used for clinical trials so Dexcom can't recommend a different site.  But we can.

Ahhhh, gotcha!!!  Good to know that it can essentially be placed anywhere!  

While I cannot attest to Dexcom I use a MedTronic pump CGM combo and I love it. I wear my CGM on my stomach and have had no issues. I dont kick box though either ;) When I went to my training for the CGM the trainer told me to use a flexible fabric bandaid across the sensor/transmitter and that should hold it flat and keep it from being pulled loose. So far, no problems but if I am extremly active and start to sweat, I have lost sensors. But that has happened with my infusion set as well. So I keep an "emergency" kit with me at all times. I love pumping and will never go back to injections. Good luck with the CGM I love having one and I hope you will too.

I where .one on my upper rear end as well. I have the Medtronic CGM. The sensor is to long for it to be inserted on my abdomen.


I wear mine on my stomach and the infusion site on the other side.  I use Medtronic - but a local rep told me I could use the sensor on the inner or outer thigh with no reading distortion.

I realize this conversation ended eons ago but weighing in belatedly. I have been using a CGM since September and thought I was only able to wear it on my stomach… Good to know there is so much flexibility.

I just started used the Enlite system with my pump and my doc says the enlite can go anywhere i want!

Hey @LauraK,
When I first started with the Dexcom, I wore it on either side of my stomach. But as I got familiar with the system, I tried the back of my upper arms and I haven’t put it back on my stomach since. I forget it’s there when it’s on my arm, and it never gets in the way.

Just started using the Enlite sensors in January so I’ve only used a box (5, I think). I’m definitely noticing a difference in number accuracy between my abdomen (around my belly button) and my hips. With the old Sof Sensors I was able to use my arms, legs, hips and rarely used my abdomen. I didn’t notice huge discrepancies. Now when I put it in my hips I’m up half the night with false low alerts every 30 minutes. It seems a matter of personal preference and body type.
The FDA (in the US) only approved of use on the abdomen because the trials were only done in that area (approval of other areas would have taken longer and they wanted to be able to get the product out as quickly as possible). The Medtronic trainers (according to the one I saw) are unofficially telling people to try it in other locations. I like to rotate to prevent scar tissue and reduce irritation–though it is MUCH better with the tiny Enlite sensors!

My son started his DexCom at Christmas and a TSlim pump last week and is having challenges finding places with enough ‘fat’ to tolerate. He is blessed with the genes I HAD at age 13 and has no fat at all. Left and Right abdomen worked OK, but he needs more locations. He tried the pump on his thigh this week and thinks it works well, but left a bigger scar than the first one. So far only front abdomen for the Dexcom … tried the ‘love handles’ on his lower back once, but got 3 question marks after the start time. so went back to the stomach. It was interesting to see the Olympian with his Omnipod on his chest (it looked like an OUCH)!

I wear the Enlite sensor and have worn it on my abdomen, hips, outer thighs, lower back, and the backs of my arms. Arm sites are my new favorite as long as I’m wearing long sleeves.

I agree the chest sites just sound like they hurt!

I wear my Dexcom on the side of my butt basically, so it goes underneath my underwear and doesn’t rub on my pants. Most of the time I can’t feel it at all, but it does give me a funny-looking bump. Oh well, it’s worth it! I love my Dexcom!

I wear mine in my breast tissue. It is comfortable and once my bra is on doesn’t catch on anything.