Where do you wear your pump/sensor?

I have only seen a few other people wear their pump clipped to a belt or pocket.  Since I started using a pump in 2002 and a CGM last fall, I've always clipped them to my belt.  I am curious about how others wear your devices and if you are ever asked "...what is THAT?"

I generally wear my pump clipped to my waistband or I put it in my pocket.  I try to keep the tubing tucked into my pants, not so much to be hiding it as to keep it from getting snagged on whatever I am walking by (including my dog's snout - don't laugh, it's happened before!).

I've discovered that people are talking behind my back, but it's all good!  When I first started pumping about 1 1/2 years ago, I was very shy about showing it and having to explain what it was all about.  However, I obviously could not avoid it altogether.  I find that the few people that I took the time to educate about my pump have passed along the information to others, so that in my social circles, I rarely get questioned.

In my professional life, I meet a lot of different people all the time.  If my diabetes happens to come up in conversation, I don't mind showing my pump and talking about it.  However, as I give educational presentations for my job, I don't want my pump with its tubing to be distracting, so I generally keep it somewhat hidden, mostly by wearing tops/sweaters/blazers that cover it.  

I tend to wear my pump on the front of my hip, tucked into my undies.  Am I really the only one that does this?  I tend to wear hip-length shirts, so it gets covered.  As far as my CGM remote - if I'm wearing jeans, it's in my pocket - otherwise, I genereally just hold onto it when I'm walking around at work.  Its amazing how much people don't even notice the same things I'm totally paranoid about.

I usually wear mine in my pocket or my waistband. Sometimes, I'll shove it in my bra if I'm wearing a dress or a skirt or something a little tighter fitting.

I've found I don't get too many questions anymore. I've been pumping for almost 11 years, so my family and friends are familiar with it. Because of my career, most people are familiar with an insulin pump. They at least know what it is, but they might have more specific questions about how it works or my reasons for choosing a pump.

I don't really try to hide it, but because it's usually covered by clothing, that's how it ends up. When I'm at home, I let it all hang out (ahah), and the tubing has a tendency to get caught on everything, as Nads mentioned (never my dog's nose, but her paws got tangled a couple times). I'm trying to be more conscious of tucking the tubing away.

I usually wear my pump clipped to my waistband.  Sometimes it can be bulky but I find it least in the way when it's there. 

Very few people notice my pump and ask what it is.  It seems that everyone my age already knows what it is and I end up explaining it only to curious adults.

I wear it on the waistband of my pants or I put it in my pocket. People ask me what it is and I just explain it to them and show them.

i wear mine in my volleyball shorts when i have to wear like my skirt to school, or a dress..

When I was on a pump a few years ago, I'd stick it in my pocket with a hole cut out of the bottom to hide the tubing coming out from the curious toddlers I work with. I'd put it in my underwear if I had no pockets. My chest was never big enough to hide it in my bra like all the pump trainers recommend!!!! (:

Re my CGM sensor, almost always in my pocket b/c I want to be able to grab it quickly to see my BG. On the weekend, I'll wear it clipped to my sweatpants around the house, or put it in my purse at a restaurant.

I think these things are easier for guys! If I wore a suit to work I'd be all set (but unhappy about it, lol). Luckily, my office is casual, so I usually wear jeans w/ pockets. Skirts are usually hard, except for one I have w/ pockets...

I always wear my pump clipped to my wasitband/belt, and have never done it any other way. 

It has gotten to the point now, where if somebody asks me, "What is on your hip," or "Is that a cellphone?" I bust it out immediately and say, "It is an insulin pump, do you want to see it?"  Or if I'm feeling really ambitious, "It is an insulin pump, would you like to see where it is connected to me?" and start to pull down waistband.

I used to wear mine clipped to my waistband of my pants, but it always made my clothes fit awkwardly. My shirts are generally not loose enough to cover it without having this big square bump sticking out. Or the shirt will kind of tuck "around" it, but I feel like it looks sloppy.  Now I usually clip it onto the pocket of my pants. It's more visible, but much more comfortable for me. I'd rather have people see it than wonder about the weird thing hiding under my clothes. I do run into things occasionally, and sometimes the tubing catches on the handles of my bathroom cabinet, but not really a big deal. If my pockets are big enough sometimes I will put it in one. People sometimes ask me what it is, most of the time I think they assume it is some kind of music device. I never really try to hide it, if any one asks I explain and offer to show it to them. If I'm wearing a dress sometimes I will put it in my bra, but since I am fairly petite, lol, it sometime looks like I have a 3rd square boob. Not really the look I am after. I have an assortment of straps and bands that I use to strap it to my upper leg if I'm wearing a dress.

I usually wear my pump on my waist or in my pocket.  I have also tucked mine in my undies but I have to be careful because I have had it fall out and then it is just dangling from under my skirt.  Just a little embarassing.  I don't know how you can hide it in your bra.  It seems like that would be uncomfortable.  It seems like it would fall out there too.

heh heh. there's plenty in my bra to keep my pump from falling out. i also use the clip and clip it to the bra between the cleavage. i have no worries about my pump falling out. i worry about it suffocating. HAHA.