Where do you wear your Sensor?

Okay so I have ONLY wore my sensor in my stomach.  I am chicken to try other places.  Please let me know what other places you guys use so maybe I can get up enough courage to try it!!!  I am always looking for new places to wear my pump and CGM because I feel like sometimes I look like I have tumors coming out of my stomach with the "lumps".  

i'm right there with you with the "lumpy" stomach! for the past two weeks i've been trying to put my pump sites on the sides of my lower back.. kinda where the top of my jeans is. i have noticed i get better insulin absorption there versus my stomach. and i promise it doesnt hurt!! :] i've heard of people putting their sites/sensor on their upper thighs, maybe you could try that? 

I tend to rotate all over my torso and sides. I have lately been considering trying my arms for my pump though. I am intrigued by the idea. As for my CGMS, I was told by the Dexcom people to only use my torso. I keep meaning to ask someone about whether I am able to try elsewhere, but I am less likely to that right now as I am paying out of pocket for the Dexcom, and I can't see wasting a sensor to experiment right now.

Thank you guys.  I am definitely trying to get up enough guts to try out my arm as well.  However, I have to check with my endo first because I am on allergy shots and I don't know if it would interfere in any way.  Who knows?  I am pretty sure that the allergy shots do make my blood sugar drop.  I am still testing this theory though!  I am going to check the manual to see about using the legs.   I honestly can't remember all the "approved" locations.  Brian ... if you try out your arm first, let me know how it goes!!!

I wear all around midsection, including flanks and back.  Yes, they DO look like little tumors! If you ask any of the companies, they will tell you abdomen only (or that's the only place that they can legally tell you) as it is the only site utilized in the studies that got FDA approval and the seller cannot make recommendations for ANYTHING that wasn't included in the trials. However, virtually anyplace on your body will work provided it has adequate fat. I've spoken with several patients who use their arms and countless patients who use the buttocks. This is particularly useful for children who have not developed the layer of insulation that adults possess. I think leg works too, but its going to depend on your ability to keep from ripping it off when pants are pulled off.



One more thing - you won't be penalized for using it anywhere else and if sensor fails (for Dexcom anyway), you still get a replacement even if you are using it in a non-approved site. There is no risk of injury to you but it is using it off label somewhat, as are the people who are pregnant or younger than 18 years. No studies have been done on that either but it doesn't mean can't/shouldn't be done!

It took me over a year to get up the nerve to put a sensor on my upper arm.  I am sorry I waited!  It is painless and my sensors last longer than they ever did no my stomach.  Try it.  I put it on the inside of my arm so it is not so noticeable when wearing short sleeves.

I would like to try my arm but am worried I don't have enough fat there.. is there anyone with fairly muscular arms whose tried a sensor in them? 


I just started putting my sensor on my upper arm. While my arm is not super muscular there isn't really any fat on it either. It is really going quite well. I have really enjoyed having up there as it has finally given my abdomen some rest. I was worried at first about the insert, but using the Dexcom was truly quite painless.

Minimed Pump and CGMS

PUMP: Torso (mid) and Upper Legs 

SENSOR: Torso (mid) and Upper Legs



this might be a funny question, but do you put your sensor in your arm or have some help?

Okay so I FINALLY did it and I am soooo excited.  I have been wearing my pump in both my legs and my arms and it is FABULOUS!  I inserted it by myself in my arm.  I did ask my husband to hold the tubing so I could see clearly.  Note for those who use your arm, you might want to make sure you have the tubing lined up wtih your arm, so it doesn't loop around or stick out.  It helps a lot.  Also, the tops of your thighs are great!  It doesn't hurt or anything and it isn't as noticeable with clothes as it is around the waist.  I was reading up on the CGMS and it says that you can wear it on your thighs and arms as well.  So I might try that.  I have the Minimed one and it supports all the same areas as the pump.  If I try it, I'll let you know! 

I put my sensor in all by my lonesome. Granted using the Dexcom makes things so much easier to do the entire process one handed. Granted one day I had to have a friend tear off the little sensor tab that the System uses.