Where is the best place to wear the sensor?

Getting my Dexcom tomorrow and just wondering where everyone like to wear it and if anyone has any tips, suggestions or advice for me?

If you find that the adhesive irritates your skin I suggest you try Silesse. My daughter quit wearing her Dexcom because it started to irritate her skin. We just started using Silesse a silicone barrier spray and it worked real well. She wore it on her belly with good results. It also worked on the back of her arm in the tricep area but she was self conscious with it there in short sleeves.

I would say your stomach. I do my stomach a lot or your side.

I'm a Minimed girl myself, but I use their CGM and I've found the most comfortable place for me is my stomach. However, I do have to take care to not place the sensor and transmitter where my pants or seatbelt rub, because that can be a bit uncomfortable! I've also found that having my CGM on the opposite side as my pump (I use my upper tush as an infusion site) helps when I sleep and sit as it keeps the two things apart.

I know with the Minimed CGM that you can't use IV preps to prep the site before infusion, but my diabetes educator told me that I could use an IV prep under the adhesive tape after the sensor is in (before I remove the introducer needle). I've noticed this makes taking off the sensor later quite a bit easier.

I am a huge fan of IV 3000 to secure the CGM - but that's just what works for me. I've heard of others using all kinds of tapes to secure their CGM - along with one person that prefers not to tape hers down at all! It took me some time to find what works best for me... and, to be honest, I'm still figuring it out. The first time around with the CGM (in 2008) I got discouraged very quickly and ended up giving up on it. I went back on the CGM a few months ago and I've found that forcing myself to keep a positive outlook has made it a lot easier.

Not sure if Dexcom has patient support videos online, but the ones that Minimed has (both on my laptop and through their iPhone app!) have helped me in getting over my fear of everything. I also call Minimed a few times a week just to "be sure". I know that I have a really hard time looking at the introducer needle, but when I watch the video and follow along with it, I don't focus on the needle coming at me as I am too busy watching the screen. =)

Good luck!