Where is your fav spot for infusion sites?

just wondering. . . mine is my back

stomach area usually



i like using my stomach. it barely hurts

thighs. i get better absorption and it doesn't hurt.

love handle/hip area haha

I like the love handles and thighs.  I never even thought about trying my back.

hips & bum

i do my stomach area--I can't imagine doing my back, that just sounds painful.  And I don't think I can do my thighs, my tubing may not be long enough to connect to my pump where I wear it. 

I like my side and back as well.. it requires a little twisting to reach though haha :)

my belly. there's plenty of surface area ;o)

I like to wear the insertion on the top of my hip; I wear the pump strapped to my ribs ( hidden most of the time) at work. At home I wear it in my jeans pocket.

stomach, hips

(Me in macho voice "My legs are just too muscular")

Stomach and hips. 

Stomach and hips.  But probably stomach right now because there is less scar-tissue, although I have to use Mastisol...

i like my back/hips or the back side of my thigh.

I've only ever used my stomach because I am abnormally skinny.

Now that I have longer tubing I will say I am loving using my arms. I mean there are days where I might almost rip the infusion set off taking off my shirt, but it is amazing. I get better absorption normally too. My handles are my go to as well.