Where to buy Dexcom in the USA

I am having trouble finding a reliable supplier for Dexcom G6 sensors and transmitters. Have you found a company that proactively handles the paperwork so when its time to place an order there aren’t any problems? My health insurance is a private HMO plan and pays 100% IF I buy from a durable medical equipment supplier. Since it is an HMO the time spent on paperwork is extensive.

I’m currently buying from Minipharmacy. They are less evil than many of the other companies I looked at but they can’t reliably do the paperwork. They had weren’t following my insurances documentation for billing so a new Prior Authorization was required and they didn’t request one for two weeks after I placed my order. I had spares because I had read here about these problems on this forum. Minipharmacy refuses to send my next order early enough to replace my supply of spares.

Other companies I have considered:
Edgepark - Their customer service agents can only read from a script. They treat everyone like a medicare customer which means they require medical information they do not need. Collecting medical information they don’t need means they aren’t HIPAA compliant.
Byram - My endo first sent my prescription to Edgepark. I started getting calls from Byram saying they were calling to set up my CGM order. I answered a call from them, asked them to put me on their do not call list. My doctors office called me that day to say Byram called them and said I refused to get a CGM. I had the person confirm the prescription was sent to Edgepark. Ironically, if they hadn’t been running a scam I might have tried to use them.
US Med - A pending lawsuit accuses them of renting medical equipment they were repairing for other companies so I chose not to do business with them.
Advanced Diabetes Supply - They can’t bother to buy a domain for their company and instead use the domain of the owner’s previous company so I choose not to do business with them.
Diabetes Supply Center of the Midland, Healthy Living Medical Supplies and Solara were bought by AdaptHealth which is owned by private equity firms. These companies don’t typically offer high quality service.
Edwards and Pinnacle both use a unsecured web form that generates an email when submitting a refill request. Not HIPAA compliant.

I buy all my stuff at Express Scripts, because my company insurance favors them. They stink too, but I’ve never had horrible experiences. Maybe just mildly bad experiences. Good luck.

I’ve been pumping for over 25 years and as far as I can recall I’ve always used Edgepark with the exception of another which I tried for a few months a couple of years ago. I wasn’t satisfied with their service and returned to Edgepark.
As far as what Edgepark requires I honestly don’t know - when I’ve started on medical devices the rep has handled all the background work, working with my physician for any documentation they needed.
When I have had to call them - typically with an inquiry about when to expect my order - I’ve found them quite helpful. Anything from a script per se was related to their requirements, such as verifying insurance info which admittedly might take longer than I would like. Otherwise I’ve been write happy with them.

:grinning: Thanks Joe. That is a great description. I could use that describe half of my diabetes healthcare experiences.