Where to clip the pump?

Hey Ladies!


I was wondering where you clip your pump at when you where a dress? If you have any clever ideas please let me know!





I wear dresses a lot of the time, and tend to clip it onto the top of my pants or tights.  If you clip it onto your pants and then wear tights on top, the tights hold the pump in place so it doesn't move, which is great for all day everyday and active wear.  You can also get a pump band from PumpWear, which look perfect for this situation, however I've not tried it myself.

If you are wearing a 'posh frock' or something which is more fitted, I have known people strap it to their leg, or use a longer line and put it in their boot (mabe this would work better with trousers?).  I've not done this, but I have put is in the side of my bra which works well for a short time (albeit not as comfortably as other locations).


I always clip it to my bra, in the middle. It wouldn't stay in place anywhere else, even the thigh strap would slide down my leg.

I have a pump band from PumpWear and I LOVE it!

I always clip to my bra strap under my left arm. The problem is with the CGMS I want to see the readings so I need an opening in a dress so I can get to it. For my daughter's wedding I cut a slit in the dress so I could pull out the pump when needed. Now I mostly wear tops and pants so I can get to the pump.

If you are wearing a tight or short dress, you can wear athletic compression shorts such as under armour ones. I recently used this when i went to a bat mitzvah, I wore a short dress and it was kind of short. So i just clipped it so the outside of the clip was outside the shorts and the pump was touching my inner thigh. It worked great even when I was dancing. It felt a bit weird at first, having it between my legs, but I got used to it and barely noticed it later on.

By the way I wore black under armour compression shorts because my dress was black.