Where to put it

Ok so im on the pump well i have only done the injections in the stomach where else can i put it at? if you could write back that would help me alot

I usually put my pump on my stomach or love handle area, but I have also put it in my leg. I use a longer infusion set and can easily keep it in my pocket without pulling the set out this way.  I've thought about attaching the infusion set at my butt or arm, but haven't tried them yet.

When I started with the pump, I was only using my stomach.  Recently, I've started using my thighs as well, upper area, a little more to the outside than on my lap.  I find that by rotating through each side of my abdomen and then each thigh, it gives the other parts more time to recuperate (not that there's much recuperation needed...!).  I've considered my butt as well, but I'm not so comfortable about that one just because I wouldn't be able to do visual checks of the site if needed.  As for the back of my arms, I think it would be awkward to have the tubing running through my sleeve, etc. 

I found that using my butt and upper hip work well. My arm is also a good location some days. I'm scared to put it in my leg, but I think I will try it next. There is also a place in my side I use but it is hard to explain its exact location...

It is a some trial and error but most subcutaneous injection sites work.

You can used  tthe upper part of your legs, front and sides, any where you can take a shot you can put a pump set in.

Just make sure not to use below the knees. These areas are either too boney in front or too much musle and no fat

on the back.

I hope this will help a bit.


Joe great thanks for posting that, that is basically every part of your body you can place an infusion set!

Thanks everyone this is all a big big help i really do appreciate it

My daughter is 11 and is more comfortable with the backs of her arms than anywhere else on her body. She has done her abdomen but that is it.  The tubing isn't uncomfortable for her in her sleeve. :-)