Where to score a Diabetic medical card?

I had a TSA screener ask to see my diabetic medical card. (I guess the bag of needles and insulin, the Dexcom G6 attached to me, and the receiver attached to my hip wasn’t enuf proof)
I know they are out there somewhere but I’ve run across about 18 different versions. Is there a standard “card” that people use?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

hi @AJZimmerman Andy,

a note of medical necessity can be obtained by any doctor. to be honest it’s none of TSA’s business what your diagnosis is and you are not required to tell them. You may be required to show the prescriptions for the syringes, and for other controlled things such as Schedule II narcotics (pain killers).

Funny somebody yesterday told me to go get it too

I’ve never heard of one. My daughter flys a lot and has never had a problem.