Where to wear?

In my school we have uniforms which include khaki or navy blue pants/shorts. My pump sticks out a little bit and I feel self-conscious about it. Any suggestions? Thanks!


I'm surprised no one has answered this yet. I see women talk about hiding them in formal wear but not regular clothes. Perhaps it is not as noticeable as you think.

To be honest, I just wear mine in my pocket; it creates a bulge but no more than a cell phone.

For a cocktail dress I tuck the pump in my cleavage.  Some women wear it in their bra, tucked under their arm but that was too uncomfortable to me.

I keep mine in my pocket also. Easily accessible. Better for everyday. I bet no one even notices that you have it.

Check out these links for ideas.




hope this helps

I always wear mine on my bra between my boobs. I have a lot there so its easy for me to hide it there. My nurse wears hers in her bra on the side and she finds that works best for her. I use Animas Ping so it's easy to tuck it in my bra and 'forget' about it and just use my meter remote

Just like many have said, putting the pump in your pocket works just fine.

For clothes without pockets, I made a little pouch to pin to the pants/skirts.

For christmas I got my first pump case. There are lots of different kinds, mine is Radrr (http://www.radrr.com)

I would also like to add a quick note about you being self-conscious about your pump. I know a lot of diabetics hide their pump for fear of being labelled "different" but after some time I hope you come to embrace your uniqueness. Diabetes may be a pain but it doesn't mean you should be ashamed. The thing about having a pump is you can customize it. Make it unique, something to be proud to tote. Just like cells and tablets, you can get a Skin-it for your pump.

***Sorry if I made any wrong assumptions, I do not mean to offend

Hope you find what you're looking for