Where would we be?

i can't believe i'm saying this, but as my one year diaversary approaches, i think that diabetes was the right thing for me to get. if i hadn't gotten this disease, god knows where i would be and what i would be like. i guess i just needed a reality check.

a while ago i posted a forum about being thankful for diabetes, and i feel the same way still, but i  guess what i'm talking about is a little different. where do you think you would be without diabetes? would you still be the same?

As much as I hate having diabetes, you are right. If I didn't have this, I would probably eat a LOT less healthy. I would eat too much sugar, I would probably be overweight or obese. I'd probably drink regular soda instead of diet. I don't drink as much soda as I used to, but I used to drink a lot so I'd probably have dental issues, or be on my way there. I probably wouldn't be studying to be a nurse, either.

That is really interesting to think about, isn't it?

It was for me also. I had a drug problem and asked upstairs for some help not to go back again. Well you know when they  say careful what you ask for!!!  I got it taken care of, about 2 weeks after that request I was in ICU, DKA. Now the problem is solved go back the way I was and die, pretty simple. LOL Because I was late in life when dx'ed I have to do a job change (bad feet, no more safety shoes) I am going to be come a RN and then BSN, hopefully helping diabetics!!! and get a job with Veterans (I are 1). I love your positive thinking Yea you!!!

On one hand (b/c of my life now, with type 1 diabetes)

-I'm very interested in becoming a doctor, and have a good reason for it, to help people like myself (unlike some of my friends, who aren't sure why they want to be doctors)

-"grow up" faster, learn more responsibility faster, more tolerance and patience

On the other hand (a hypothetical situation without type 1 diabetes)

-no shots

-no worrying about my blood sugar 24/7

-less chance of serious complications later in life

-I would definitely be a physicist (which I'm still considering, though not as heavily as before)



Any talk about this topic I have with myself always ends with my running.  I try to decide if I would be a better runner without diabetes than I am with.  I think perhaps having diabetes has given me a challenge to overcome and driven me to achieve my running goals more, as evident through the facts: I have run more than pretty much anyone in my High School Coach's history of XC and track coaching, had a larger improvement in overall times than anyone else I know or have known since I started running, and other things.  Perhaps those are simply a matter of my already underlying drive to succeed no matter what and perseverance, and type 1 diabetes is simply holding me back, on those days when my blood sugar "just isn't right" and I can't run (ie, too high or low or whatever).

I conclude, however, that if I were to be cured of t1 tomorrow, I would definitely take more advantage of my running and other physical skills, I would push myself more, knowing, that others without a "hindrance" such as t1 diabetes, waste their talents.  I cherish my talents more.  Type 1 diabetes has simultaneously held me back and propelled me forward at the same time.

If it weren't for my diabetes, i'd likely still believe I was immortal... taking way too many risks, and not truly appreciating life and my time in it.  I wouldn't value the time I have with others quite the same, and I'd likely still take a lot for granted.  I certainly wouldn't appreciate the amazing work paramedics do, for such minimal pay, and little thanks.  Although at this point in time my diabetes is pretty out of control, I believe I am on the right path to right many of my wrongs.  Diabetes has taught me that it's ok to count on someone, to give up some control.  It has taught me that humans function much better on lighter, more frequent meals, rather than gorging oneself because it 'tastes good'.  It's taught me not only to value each and everyone of my heartbeats, but the heartbeats of others as well.  I'm not going to say I'm thankful to be a diabetic, but I'm certainly thankful for the lessons it's taught me.

I think I would be obese, immature, irresponsible, and less empathetic. I want a cure but diabetes saved my life

to add on to my first post.. without diabetes i would be:

not in shape, eating too much, ungrateful for what i have, taking advantage of life, selfish, shy, not aware of anyone but myself, negative..

i posted something in my blog about something kinda like this yesterday.. it's called "what a year, thank you diabetes" it kinda finishes my post(s)

I'd be fat :)

I think we would all be fat!  Sweets and chocolate everyday.  Although we all say that because we can't have it.  Don't we always want what we can't have or what someone else has.  I hate D but totally agree that I am better off with it.

i already am fat, so according to everyone else my life wouldn't be different!

actually, it wouldn't be too different. i would still be in education, but i would probably be in elementary education - not diabetes education. who knows - nutrition is incredibly interesting, i may have gone into it anyway.

i don't think much about this stuff because i can drive myself crazy with "what ifs." my life would be different. i recognize that... that's about as far as i go. :o)