Where's the magic button?

You know, the magic button that you press to know why blood sugars are running inexplicably high?  Is it the stress from starting back to school, starting the first year in which he might actually have to study and work hard?  (Today was first day---sugars have been high the past 2-3 days, maybe). Is it honeymoon period wrapping up sooner that I would have hoped for?  Is it the moon?  Hormones? Heat and humidity, despite home and school being air conditioned?  Maybe this happens near the end of August each year everywhere to all type 1s, but nobody remembered to tell us?  Karma?  Sugar in the atmosphere?


The magic button? Oh, it's right next to the Easy Button.

Could someone please point me in the direction of the magic button? Or the easy button. I'll take either!

Well the Easy Button is in Staples. The Magic D-Button is coming soon to a diabetes center near you LOL

I would love if someone went into Staples and demanded the diabetic Easy button :D

[quote user="Alyssa"]

I would love if someone went into Staples and demanded the diabetic Easy button :D


If I had a way of recording it, I would probably do that

security cameras!

Not sure if they would let me borrow the tape so I could youtube it

whatevs. if you don't want to do it, just say so :D

haha I am all about making a fool of myself, especially in public


Check out some of my pics on facebook, I have no shame

If someone can tape it, I'll do it

liar. i need some jackassery right now.

I might be able to provide some buffoonery depending on what I do this weekend.

smooth criminal. except i said "right now" not "this weekend." and please try not to get arrested. it doesn't bode well with mommy and daddy.

Right now, this weekend, mere semantics.  I do my best to avoid the long arm of the law.  Usually.

except for when it comes to noise violations.

One of those was total crap.  Radford, I swear.

i'm sure it was, joe. damn the man and his dirty tricks to make you pay *shakes fist*

Twas.  It was a dirty trick, just rolling up on my porch and demanding ID.