Which CGM/Meter combo is better?

So I have a dilemma…  we are getting Alec on a pump in October and I don’t know which to get. We met with both reps (Medtronic & Animas) and like both pumps. I do however want the CGM also. The Ping doesn’t have it but I can get the Dexcom on the side (another receiver thing to carry though) or I could get the Medtronic Revel that communicates with the CGM .  Animas was going on & on about their technology (especially for CGM) being better. I know JDRF chose them so I am wondering.  Can anyone shed some light on this or give me some personal input???????????

I have the new Revel 523 with CGM and I have no complaints.  I believe if you wait four months, not totally sure, but Animas and Dexcom are supposed to have a similar set up like Medtronics by then.  They are awaiting FDA approval.  Really you can't go wrong with either device.  They are both fantastic!  The Ping seems tougher than Medtronics, but it doesn't hold as much insulin.  I only use about 40 units a day so the 523 works great for me and the Ping would hold enough insulin for me but some people need much more insulin.  That might help you decide.  The Revel 723 holds alot more insulin than the Ping.  Oh, you only want three days worth as the insulin seems to weaken after that time.  Not great at advising your choice.  Insulin Pumps are supposed to last just over four years so maybe if you choose one, you could choose another the next time.  And things are getting better and better with this technology!  Good luck!