Which CGM To Get?

I am 14 years old and currently wear the omnipod. I am considering getting a CGM, either Dexcom(to wear with my omnipod) or switching to Medtronics pump and their CGM. Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks.

I have tried both and would hands down recommend the dexcom. I have found it to be much more accurate for me, and I also find the sensor much less painful to insert and keep in

Thank you! What pump do you use? And is it a hassle to keep your test kit, Dexcom meter, and your pump on you?

I have had a minimed for a while now and use the CGM that they make because I don't want to deal with multiple sites AND multiple devices. The CGM can sometimes hurt at entry, but that goes away very quickly and I have had good results with accuracy lately. I would talk to your endo's office and find out which one they support and then try to talk to both companies to see if you can get a trial on each one before you have to make a decision. Good luck.

I have used both. I currently have an Animas Ping and Dexcom. The MM is a nice sensor, but the version I used in my opinion was awkward needing to be taped and such. Accuracy was pretty good though and the needle is scarey at first, but not to bad. The Dexcom I feel is a little more accurate, lasts longer, and less awkward with wearing.

As for awkwardness, I mean your Omnipod has everything you need. The only addition if you go over to Dexcom is just the Dexcom reciever. I just think of it as a bonus item for a pocket, like a wallet. It is not to bad. As for if you have a tubed pump so to speak, it really isn't to bad. I mean, when I travel I use the Contour USB meter, just because of the size and that is easy to travel with. The pump and Dexcom once you have them you just plan accordingly and move forward.

I have a Minimed Pump and CGM and I love both.  And I was told a couple of weeks ago that Medtronic has an even smaller and more accurate version up for approval with the FDA, and the next version that they're perfecting will be integrated with the infusion set so there will only be one big poke!  I love that they are working so hard to make this as easy and painless as possible.

Do you like your Omnipod?

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