Which Finger Do You Most Often Stick to Test Your Sugar?

We ran an article in Diabetes News Hound this morning about potential replacements for finger sticks. You can read the full article here.

Which finger do you most often *** to check your blood sugar?



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Forearm :)


I only use my middle and ring fingers on each hand.

question to you finger stickers...what kind of glucometer do you have?

I have a Freestyle Flash and test in my forearm...does anyone else test in their forearms? If not, is it because of your glucometer or because of something your endo said? The only time I get my fingers pricked is with the Red Cross when I'm doing platelets...

I mainly only do my ring finger and pinky on both hands, but I try to rotate.

I was told I couldn't do any where else, but that's because of my veins. And that wasn't coming from my endo that was the nurse when I was in the hospital.

I remember a nurse or educator when my son was in hospital to only use fingers.  The reasoning was when you use your forearm the reading is about 30 minute old.  I have never given it a second thought but I would like to give his lil fingers a break.  Have you ever tested to see if you get the same reading from your arm and finger?  Just curious.

Ring finger on right hand gets 95% of the pokes.  I only go elsewhere on the same hand if I can't get a good poke through all the scabs on that finger.  I NEVER poke left hand.  I presume that it would affect sensation and I want to preserve sensation untarnished in the left as long as possible.

[quote user="moosesmom"]

  Have you ever tested to see if you get the same reading from your arm and finger?  Just curious.


i have not but I will...right now

Right middle finger: 97

Right Forearm: 89

Conclusion: Close enough for government work?

left ring finger and left middle finger

NEVER my index fingers or thumbs

I do my left middle and ring fingers the most but I use both hands fairly consistently and all the fingers - rarely the thumbs. 

I've never tested with my forearm because my endo has always said it's not as accurate, but I guess it depends how fast your blood sugars are changing.

I rotate every test, two on each finger (one on each side), but I skip my pinky.  My mom uses only my pinky if she checks me in the night.

Also, if I am looking for a pattern, I'll test on the same finger, but on the other hand.  A difference in blood sugar between my pinky and thumb has been over 50 mg/dl before.

i also use my ring finger. but it also hurts the most. i cant get anything out of my middle fingers anymore.

I was just going to post this same question!!!  I had noticed that i've used my left middle finger soooooooooo much i can rarely draw blood from it any more (i just need to give it a break for a week and all will be well again, though)  i only use my pointers, middles, and rings finger wise and usually on my left hand... i have found that the tumbs and pinkies hurt more.

Pat - forearms have a time delay on blood sugars, therefore if your sugars are rising or dropping the blood from your forearm is going to be less accurate (similar to what happens when you use a CGMS). i tried my forearm once and thought it was a pain in the ass, so i use my fingers. with most newer monitors you can use areas other than the fingers. personally, i did not find them convenient. At our clinic, we tell our clients they can use other areas for testing but if they feel like their sugars are outside of normal (high or low) they need to use their finger to have a more accurate reading (for example, you might feel low, check your sugar in your arm and it reads 120, so you don't treat. in reality, your sugar is 50 because the forearm blood is reading what you measured 20-30 minutes ago).

i pretty much use my ring fingers. not sure why... i try to rotate around to other fingers but i always zone in on the rings.

I use my little fingers the most. I have found that they bleed the best :)

First three finger sides of my right hand (can't mess with the fingers I use to play on the fingerboard--violin--now can I?).

Excuse me...but I just noticed one of the links down the page of your question which, frankly, upset me a little: "Chinese herbs may slow, prevent diabetes."

I do not appreciate this at all. And I don't think I ate too much fish and ended up getting T1. This is an autoimmune disorder. That blue link makes me feel both angry and sad.

Robert, if I'm being nosy, just ignore me, but I saw that you never test on your left hand. Is this for the same reason as my reason (violinist/fingerboard issues)? Just curious.

It occurs to me that you could get a good idea of how fast your blood sugar is dropping or going up if there is a 30-minute delay between finger and forearm. Thus, Pat, in 30 minutes, your blood sugar went up 11 points. I do believe that is close enough for government work, or good enough for jazz (snobby classical violin players say this). In a way, this could be an interesting way to sort of run a trend check, like say before bed or after activity, for those who do not have a CGM.