Which is best?

I currently use the Omnipod and outside of the occasional middle of the night alarms, I'm very satisfied with the device and how much flexibility it gives me compared to treatment with shots. 

However with changes in my insurance, I'm going to have to switch pumps. I was wondering if anyone had any positive, or negative reviews on the following: 


1. Accu-check system

2. Medtronic Mini-med system 

3. Animas system

Since I'm only familiar with the Omnipod, which no tubing, just the PDM and separate pod, I'm curious as to which system gives the most freedom and is least invasive. For example, can you work out in it, wear it in the shower, how does it have to be changed, etc.? 

Thanks in advance! 

I definitely recommend the Animas. I have an Animas & I love it. You cannot wear it in the shower and you change it every 3 days. Hope I could help!!

I liked my Medtronic. You will get used to the tubing very quickly - I only caught it on something a couple of times before I adapted. My best advice to you is to meet the reps and see who you get along with better. Fundamentally, most pumps are very similar, so it's the personal service that will make a big difference for you. I found Medtronic customer service worked for me very well and I liked my trainer who was always available.


1. The new Accuchek Combo pump (just released this month) has an amazing remote which lets you access every feature of the pump from the remote. Technically, you don't have to use the pump for anything except as an insulin holder because all functions you need are also available from the remote. The remote on the Accuchek is the best feature. In my opinion, everything else on the Accuchek is several years behind the other pumps. Sites need to be changed every three days, and you have the option of manual or automatic injection for pump sites. As far as I know, Accuchek is not available in Canada.

2. Medtronic is currently the only pump available that has an integrated CGM and pump - no need to carry two separate devices if you choose to use a CGM. Medtronic has a basic remote available where you can bolus from it. It has a carb to insulin calculator as well as correction calculator so you don't have any math to do. The pump is water resistant but not water proof - you will need to unhook it to wear it in the shower. You can use an automatic injector to insert the pump site, or you can use a manual injection where you put it in yourself. As with all pumps, sites need to be changed every three days. Medtronic is available in the US and Canada.

3. Animas has a remote bolusing feature, which also doubles as your blood sugar meter. Animas is integrating with the Dexcom CGM system and should be available in the US in 2013 (unsure of Canada). Animas is completely waterproof and can be worn in the shower or swimming (I've worn mine swimming on several occasions with no problems). Only problem with wearing it in the shower is where, exactly, do you clip it to? Animas also has the same bolus and correction calculators as Medtronic and also offers these calculator features from the remote. The Animas remote also features Calorie King which can hold up to 600 food items and their carb info in the menu. You can look up the foods you are eating and automatically enter them into the calculator to dose your insulin. Like the others, Animas offers both manual and automatic site injectors and should be changed every three days. Animas also offers "fun" colors for the pump sites just for something a little different.

4. A new option is the Tandem which was just released to the public in September. I have limited experience with this pump, but what I have seen it is very nice. It has a sleek look and full color touch screen. The reservoir holds up to 300 units. The pump itself is smaller and thinner than the other (more credit card size, with an almost iPhone-ish appearance). You can find out more about the Tandem tslim insulin pump system here: http://www.tandemdiabetes.com/  

Each pump offers skins, accessories, and a variety of sets you can use to best fit your needs. You can choose from 6mm and 9mm cannulas or 90 degree or 45 degree angles, as well as metal or plastic cannulas. These are all designed for comfort and absorption based on your body. All can be used with any kind of fast acting insulin - so whatever you use now, is also available for your new pump. My experience with each pump company has shown me wonderful customer service, with the most helpful and attentive (in my own experience) coming from Medtronic. Each company also has a variety of pump clips and carrying cases to offer.

I honestly don't think you'd be making a bad decision with any pump. Each has features and things to offer. It is best to check out each pump and decide which features work best with you and your lifestyle. Personally, I have been very happy with Animas and Medtronic. I am working with my insurance company on the possibility of using a Tandem.

Good luck in your new pump adventure! I think you'll be happy no matter what your choice is :o)

I have the Medtronic Paradigm Revel Real Time pump. I was lucky enough to get a CGM with it and I couldn't be happier! It has given me my life back! literally! The tubing was very easy to get used to (it just tucks in under your clothing) I work every day with it and it has never gotten in the way. The rep from Medtronic has been awesome. She is always available and has helped me with some questions I've had. If you'd ask me if I would reccomend? Absolutly!

Good luck to you.

I also liked Medtronic..