Which pump do you like best?

I am very interested in getting a pump and have read a lot about them online, but I would love some oppinions. Please let me know which pumps you like and which one you don't.

First talk to your doctor, my doctor would only allow 3 brands, I looked at the pamphlets she gave me and I ended up choosing the Animas 2020, but now they've come out with a newer one. Animas is a very good company, depending on when you god your pump you can upgrade for a fee starting at $400.

i got that newer pump it's kinda annoying that i can't have the same features that are on the monitor on the pump like the 2020 has. you know like the food guide. that's nice but i have to use it on the BG monitor instead of the pump and thats quite annoying. everything else is great. i like the fact that i can stick it in my bra and still do bolus's without having to take the pump out of my bra. having the wireless remote is great. i heard that the omnipod kinda fails in that department. mainly because you have to pretty much put the monitor right up to the pod. whereas with the ping you can be sitting about maybe a couple feet away. 


The Omnipod works to about 2-3 feet but not more, the Ping is rated to around 10 feet.  I am on the Omnipod and have had very few transmission problems while holding it and only occasionally have to adjust for distance. 

That said, since the original question was about recommendations:  I definitely recommend reviewing Minimed’s offerings, the Ping and the Omnipod.  They all have different strengths and options and a lot of what you decide will have to be based on the one that is the best match with the way you live and manage your D…

I’m no help at all, am I!?!?!? LOL – sorry…




AMEN! It's totally lame (about moving the food database to the meter & not the pump)... Why did they do that?


Thanks for all the input. My new endo is on the medtronic advisory or something so that's what he suggests, plus the fact that it has the CGM. I have a pre-pump class coming up so I will see which one seems best for me :)