Which Pump Should I Upgrade To?

I have the Deltec Cozmo that is no longer being made, so I have debated switching to many different brands...

1) Accu-Chek is offering a free upgrade to the Spirit pump (haven't heard much about this one so I don't know what to think!) The system includes the ACCU-CHEK Spirit insulin pump, ACCU-CHEK blood glucose meter of your choice, Palm® PDA and the ACCU-CHEK Pocket Compass Software with bolus calculator. You can also get a Palm Treo for an addit'l cost.

2) Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm 522 was one that was recommended by my Dr, and I have gotten call from rep, but this one doesn't come w/ any option of a palm treo or anything that I'm aware of, all he said it included was the pump, 3 months worth of reservoirs and infusion sets, prep wipes, and a serter. He did say that I needed to pay a one time fee of 24.95 for the serter as well. 

3)Animas: I have no idea what comes in their package...I know the pump has a wireless remote so you can remotely calculate bolus from up to 10 feet away and that there are 500 food items integrated into the bolus calculator on the remote. That is all I know at this time.

I am waiting for info packets to be sent to me.  I don't know what software comes with any of these or extra perks or anything!!!! Which is driving me nuts because I would love to choose the insulin pump that has the least problems, is the least expensive, and comes with the most extra stuff (case, clip, software, wireless accessories, has the Continuous Glucose Monitoring System option on it so that when it is covered by insurance, I can always upgrade, etc)

Please share your opinions or information!!!

Thanks :) Amber

Hi Amber,

I have a minimed/medtronic pump (not the same model that you are talking about though) and I am about to upgrade as well. I decided to go with the Animas Ping. I mainly decided this based on an allergy I have to minimed's tubing. Some of the other reasons I went with the Ping is that I like that it is water proof, I like the remote/monitor set up, and I like their sets (but you can use them with other pumps as well).


There are many different pumps out there to choose from. The biggest front runners out there are from Medtronic, the Omnipod, and the Animas Ping. I have in my blog a comparison between the Ping and the Medtronic 722. They are both great pumps. The Omnipod is great as well, but when I was looking at the pumps the Omnipod was not what I wanted.

Right now Animas will give you a free month's supply of infusion sets and the like. It is not much, but it is better than the fact when I got my pump I got nothing for free.

There are many options to choose from though. Any questions feel free to ask.



i have the OmniPod and it is perfect for me and my lifestyle.  I didn't want any tubing outside of the pump so the omnipod was perfect.  but it is really up to you and what you think would best fit your lifestyle.  there are so many great pumps out there and different styles to choose from.

dont get the 522 you will eventually have to upgrade to the 722. the 522 only fits a 1.8 resvoir and the 722 fits 1.8 and the 3.0... ive had to increase my insulin intake and i have the 522 i now have to upgrade to 722 and my insurance probably wont cover it...