Which pump should i use and why

I have been injecting insulin for 39 years and I want to try a pump.  What kind do you suggest and why.   

Some folks like the omnipod because it has not tubing. I never had a problem with the tubes except for the first couple of days. Basically I would choose a pump based on the rep and how I like the service. Call them and see how they treat you. You will be stuck with them for about 5 years. Fundamentally, all pumps are pretty much the same with similar features. I liked Medtronic and found that I got very good service.


I've used a Medtronic for 10 years and like it.  Medtronic has good customer service and most doctors offices are familiar with it.  The tubing has never bothered me.  

I tried an OmniPod but it felt really big and the adhesive bothered my skin.  There's a smaller tubeless pump in the works called a Medingo Solo.  Tried a sample and liked it, however they're slow in getting distribution set up in the US.  http://www.solo4you.com/

I'm currently in the process of getting a new pump called a tSlim.  It's more like an iPhone.  While it has cool features, it's a newer pump so they aren't as savvy about having classes and demos for you to try it out in person.  www.tandemdiabetes.com/.../t-slim

Look on Youtube for videos of pumps to get an idea of how they work.  Main kinds are: Medtronic, One Touch Ping, OmniPod, and Tandem tSlim.  


There are a bunch of different pumps out there as well as new ones coming out soon, and they all have slightly different features which may help you to decide. In my doctors office they have access to different reps from all of the companies that usually will let you try the pump before you decide to use it. I suggest you talking to your endo or CDE office to see if that is available to you.

I have a Minimed Revel and have been using MM for the past 11 years, I do like my pump. However, I am going to be looking into getting a tubeless pump or checking out the Tslim after I have my first baby this November.

There are so many options its too hard to give you a solid suggestion, you really need to figure out what will work best with your lifestyle.

I have been injecting for 48 years and just ordered my first pump, the Tandem t:slim.  I chose it after doing 3-day tests on the OmniPod, the Animus Ping in addition to the t:slim.  I liked the touch screen and felt it was, by far, the easiest to use.  I also felt that I had the best control while testing it, although there certainly could have been other contributing factors, since the tests were done at different times.  Now I am waiting for delivery so I can get started.