Which pump - when'd you start - how long total -why that one?

I got on the Omnipod 11/07.  It is my first pump so I've only been pumping for about a year...

I picked this one because of the remote control insertion - Needles scare me :(


T1D, dx4/83

I use a Accu-check Spirit, and it is my second pump, I did not care for mini-med. I love my Spirit pump and choose it for the palm pilot program that it comes with. I have been on this pump since February of this year. I first used a pump about 7 yesrs ago!



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I started pumping on September 22nd, Pink ANimas Ping, because it had the remote feature and it was the most reliable.

I started the Omnipod on August 21st but I found it to be too unreliable for me.

I have a minimed 722. I started on August 18th and am still on it.

I guess I picked it because it seemed the most reliable, and it very rarely works. Also, the company that makes it is very good about customer service.

Minimed 722. 

I started a little over 2 years ago.  It was my first pump and I thought about it a long time (hehehe 29 years of thinking IS a long time) before trying it. 

I didn't do too much research, (and I caution people not to think too much) but I discovered that almost everyone likes the pump better, that overall control is better, that if you have a crazy schedule it is better, that if you travel or stay up all night it is better.  Then I looked at some stats, and Minimed makes up over 50% of the market share, the company worked with me readily.  Done. It took about 9 months to tune it and then I was already on the bandwagon - "I shoulda got one sooner".


I started out on the Minimed 508 back in November of 2001.  Last year, I upgraded to the 722.   About to start the paperwork trail to add the CGMS to that one.   Been type I since 1983.   Shots don't bother me that much, but the pump definitely provides a tighter level of control and more flexibility on exercise/meals.

minimed 722.. started one month after my july 18th diagnosis,... thanks to my twin sister we wanted to get me on the pump asap cause shes been on it since 6th grade

I started on the pump in April of this year, after injecting for 20 years.

I'm on the Animas 2020 pump because I wanted something that was waterproof and I like that the basal doses can differ by 0.025 units. And it's small.

I've never heard of this "ping" thing before though, which pisses me off because it's because I live in Canada. I use a One Touch meter too. I'm emailing my pump seller right now to yell at him!!

I am looking into the animas 2020 pink of course.  I was wondersing what some of the pros and cons are and if it hurts inserting the cannula or taking it out>?  and its kinda awkward but if its clipped to your pants and you need to go to the washroom have ypu ever pulled it out? does it take some getting used to reply really quick please im having an appointment in 2 hours please and I have to know if I want it or not so please please

<3xoxo Yea right<   Diabetes doesn't rock :(

I have a black animas 2020, i've been pumping for just about 2 years. I use the comfort infusion sets. I've tried the ones that just pop in and I had to go back to the comfort, I like being able to start putting the needle in and if its a sensitive spot, I can just put it somewhere else. I felt like with the other ones, if you stuck it somewhere uncomfortable, you were stuck with it until it was time to change it. The only time that I've ever had a set get pulled out was when a friend picked me up and caught my tubing. In the bathroom, if its clipped on my pants, it just tugs. I catch the tubing on dressers and door knobs and the like, all the time and have never lost one like that. The waterproof feature and the food library were pretty big selling points for me.

i have a blue animas ping. i started november 21, 2008. the reason i decided on that was because i liked the remote feature. 

I am on the Minimed 722 w/CGMS and I love it.  I started with Minimed pumps 11 years ago and will never go back.

Good Luck with whatever you choose.