Which T1 Development is Most Promising?

Today we ran two articles on developments relating to Type 1 diabetes. They are:

Possible Culprit in Type 1 Diabetes Development Identified

Discovery Leads to Improved Islet Cell Transplants: Researchers

In your opinion, which do you think sounds more promising?

The first story by far intrigues me!  If they can stop the destruction of the Islet cells there is a possibility they can stop the diabetes!  I believe Dr Denise Faustman has been working on this at Massachusetts General Hospital with some success!  This excites me very much.  The islet cell transplant so far requires anti-rejection drugs that are almost as bad as managing diabetes with the methods we have now.  If they can get beyond the need for anti rejection drugs, then they are making progress! 

Just my opinion here...

I think Dr Denise Faustman is most promising. The drug she is using treats TB and been in use for years.

I agree that Faustman's research gets me the most excited. It seems to get at the root cause.

Skin stem cells turned into Beta cells that produce insulin. That means no anti-rejection drugs and an unlimited source of beta cells, that is a cure!

The only thing in the way at this point is getting a higher ratio of skin stems cell to evolve into beta cells in the lab. It has worked in mice extremely well.