Which Takes Priority: Cash or a Cure?

The debate over whether to allocate more research dollars towards finding a cure for diabetes versus spending it on developing new medicines and treatments is not a new one. However, as the number of diabetics around the world grows, the potential amount of money to be made from the sale of life-sustaining diabetes drugs and products becomes even more massive. Diabetes News Hound ran an article this morning about the link between the growth of the diesease and the profits of big business. You can check out the article here. .

What's your take? Does big business want to find a cure for diabetes or do they want to be able to keep selling medicine and products to the growing number of people with the disease?


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This has been something i have been debating sense i first got diagnosed. Are they really going to try to come up with a cure? Not trying to be negative but its a sad world we live in people get bought off to easily. If there are any sience smart diabetics out there get in to a career for this kind of stuff because in the end i think its going to be an actual diabetic that find the cure