White wine phenomenon?

So, since I got my CGM, I'm finding out a bit about what makes my diabetes tick.  One thing I've noticed is that white wine (i.e. Reislings and other sweet but not dessert wines) will make my blood sugar climb and hang out in the 300 range, no matter how many corrective and rage boluses I give!  I'm wondering if anyone else experiences this problem and what they do about it?  I know alcohol affects different diabetics differently, for example, beers tend to keep me at a steady BG without bolusing or changing basal, but hard liquor I need to alternate diet and regular soda otherwise I drop like a rock.  I just can't get a handle on how to combat the white wine issue!  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated :)

I'd notice a blood sugar spike with a Reisling, but actually the reds would skyrocket my blood sugar more.   It defied carb counting and I finally stopped drinking more than an occasional half glass because it wasn't worth it.  Grape juice does the same thing so I avoid it.

You may try taking extra insulin when you first start drinking.  I had some luck with that.